Thursday, April 29, 2010


How to describe this tattoo ...?
Well ...
It's not something I'd put on my body but it says "F**k the man" and is accompanied by a drawing of a dice and a fist.

Now, surely Sue finds this amusing, because all I know is that I was nearly peeing myself from laughing from looking at the photo just now.

On the train this morning, out of Oshawa, dude was lost in a world of Metallica on his iPod and much to the delight of those around him, he decided to sing along. Loudly.

Enter Sandman indeed.


Anonymous said...

I often wonder why people get up from their perfectly comfortable seats to go and stand in front of the doors, as much as 20 minutes before the train even gets close to Union (or whatever station)...maybe they're just anxious / late / in a rush. But maybe getting away from a 'dude' like this is another possible reason?

dave said...

I'm not sure how a dice "sticks it to the man" but maybe it's a roll 6 for strength? Hence the fist.

sue said...

Hey CJ, I am a metallica fan. But I spent $100 on bose earbuds so that you don't have to listen to them at 7:00 am.
Here's a fun story though. One morning I'm in my usual corner seat on the 7:11 (now the 7:15) and this dude beside me is rocking hard to metallica. I can hear it and to be honest, it's even too early for me. He was really getting into his music, head banging and rockin on. Now we all know the hoards that get on at Ajax! He tries to exit, pushing his way through the masses. A man geting on at Ajax said suggested that he not be so pushy-That didn't go over very well with metallica fan. He pushed his way back onto the train and pinned the man against the wall. Two nicely-dressed bay street boys interveined and while they were offering some soothing words (hey man, it's okay-take it easy buddy..)they grabbed him and, before the doors closed, threw him out the door. Literally. You could still hear metallica fan swearing as the train pulled away. That was pretty exciting, as far as GO mornings so.

Now a comment about those that gather at the door. Unfortunately I have about 2 minutes to get my Bay St bus. If everybody would just stay in their seats, the rest of us wouldn't have to get up! The line up at the door is so annoying. What is most annoying is that I end up being part of it, otherwise I miss my bus.
Sue C

Cindy said...

I thought the tattoo said "F*%k Jan" -- I was trying to figure out who Jan was?!

RonNasty said...

Jan ?!? Marcia Marcia Marcia!

There was an escalator on my platform I arrived at this morning. Clearly, everybody is waiting at the door so they can stand and ride the escalator.

Damn, if only I had a "f#ck Marcia" tattoo and an ipod full of Metallica, I would have gone through the middle line of that escalator.

C.J. Smith said...

$100 headphones?

Sue, do you ride from Oshawa?

Sue said...

Yes I'm Oshawa-Union. I got the ear buds at Bay-Bloor Radio last year, because the ones with ipods hurt my ears. These are great except I usually walk from Bloor to Union after work, and I'm taking my life into my own hands with them on. The traffic is crazy.

C.J. Smith said...

I hate the iPod headphones, too.
Maybe I'll look into a pair of those. May help with my violent tendencies towards people who wouldn't know an "inside voice" if it smacked them in the head.

Anonymous said...

You don't need to spend $100 to get some good noise blocking headphones. As long as they have some kind of silicone or memory foam on them, you're pretty much good to go. I would have murdered a ton of people by now if it wasn't for my headphones.