Wednesday, May 9, 2012

GO Bus driver is on to your fraud

Last night, as my bus traveled through the rolling fields that is rural Clarington, the driver of said bus performed an act worthy of a Vegas casino pit boss. A pit boss who carefully watches for cheaters, card counters and other scam artists.

Three teens boarded the bus. The only thing I noticed was they boarded in a group. The first one runs to the back and the second one quickly follows. The third one is cock-blocked by the driver. Standing so that the third kid is behind him, he points to the two teens at the back of the bus and asks them to get off.

They come charging back up the aisle and some words were exchanged with the driver. Then they both jumped off the bus to join the third teen who is already on the shoulder of the highway. The driver shuts the door and drives off.

There was only myself and another passenger on the bus. I was mad curious about what happened so I figured I would get up and ask. In doing so, I whacked my head on the overhead bin, hard enough to see stars. This, of course, greatly concerned the driver who I could tell was contemplating pulling over and stopping to check up on me. I made my way to the front. I still had two stops to go 'til I got off. Forgetting about my head, I asked him what had gone down.

Apparently the first kid had a pass he showed to the driver which he then palmed to the second kid behind him,  who in turn palmed it to the third kid, who unfortunately fumbled and had to pick up the pass. The bus driver said he knew exactly what had transpired even before the third kid fumbled, which is why he stood up and called out to the first kid to come to the front and asked him to produce his pass (which is now in possession by the third kid on the sidewalk).

Hawk eye/Pit boss bus driver puffs out his chest and says he's been doing the job for too long and that he's seen it all, but he did say that was one of the smoothest pass-backs he's seen yet but not smooth enough as it didn't get by him.

No kidding.

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Bicky said...

For. The. Win! (on the driver's side)

Fail. (on the teens' side)