Monday, February 8, 2016

UP Express offering free rides all Family Day Weekend


To help families celebrate, this Family Day weekend, Metrolinx is offering free rides on UP Express, from Saturday, February 13 through Monday, February 15.

UP is opening its doors to give families a chance to spend the weekend exploring everything Toronto has to offer - whether it’s travelling to visit family, taking in a show, shopping, or visiting a great restaurant for Valentine’s Day.

This year, Family Day weekend has several large events bringing people into Toronto, including the NBA All-Star game and the annual Auto Show.

Or... just grab the kids and use it as a free ride to the airport (for those of us who live in the east and north ends of the GTA, and no where near the airport, Weston or Bloor UPX stations, we have to find a way to Union first). Wander around the airport. Buy some overpriced merchandise. Watch some planes take-off and land, and then head back home. Kills about five hours and is cheaper than a day at the Toronto Zoo (depending on where you have to GO train/GO bus from).

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Outburst said...

My wife works weekends and we live close to the airport. Damn right I'm driving her to and from Pearson all weekend. She's gonna be riding in style for three days!