Friday, April 15, 2016

Have the Liberals talked to CP Rail?

date:Thu, Apr 14, 2016 at 2:19 PM
subject:Go expansion to Courtice


Will never ever happen as long as CP Rail (a FEDERAL entity) refuses to play nice with Metrolinx and there are absolutely no indication that's going to happen.

The provincial politicians can blather on all they want, their authority is minuscule with any federal corporation. It's all grandstanding and will die down as this is not an election issue at all. As soon as the Fiberals who promote this run into the wall of federal obfuscation, they'll meekly slink away and pretend they put up a good fight but alas, the feds are too powerful.

They will strike commissions, complain in the press, put up an outraged face and all the while do nothing but still appear to champion the cause. MetrolinX has already tried to deal with CP and it did not end well at all. 

In order to expand without creating their own rail corridor (impossible) then CP owns all the face cards and will not do anything without the feds say so. I wonder if Justin will use the opportunity for another selfie at a GO station?


Ed said...

Hooray for intergovernmental cooperation.

Unknown said...

Everything else aside, can we please stop calling him "Justin"? He's the Prime Minister of Canada and he deserves some respect, whether you agree with his politics or not. You wouldn't call the Queen "Liz", and I bet you didn't call Prime Minister Harper "Steve".

Stop behaving like a child.

Rory said...

While I think the author of this e-mail is a tad too cynical, I think they are correct in noting that CP probably won't do anything to help GO unless the Federal Government leans on them. Only time will tell whether there is any political will at the Federal level to do that.

Ed said...

When Justin actually does something while head of state that warrants respect then I'll stop. He's done nothing of note so far except promise to spend money we don't have. Just like his father except without the charisma and intelligence. But better hair.

He is nothing but the anti Steve prime minister and his majority is a gift from angry Tom and his merry band of incompetents.

I'd have to agree with the author. CP rail will cooperate only after many years of wrangling if the Feds get into the fray. Only submitting to CP demands will anything get done I bet.

TomW said...

Has the provincial government takes to CO Rail? Yes, they have. CP basically said they could use the land in the corridor, just not CP's track. Which is why the propised design in the EA shows precisely that.

Has this person seen the proposed design? I think not.

Is this person more interested in scoring political points based on ignoring the facts? I think so.

Ed said...

Tom you do realize that there is more involved to this deal than simply using the track? How much are you privy to about the contract and the clauses involved?

Unknown said...

Does anyone realize the Lake Shore East line is entirely on Canadian National Railway not Canadian Pacific. Also why would the Prime Minister have anything to do with buying tracks. That is up to the province.