Friday, December 16, 2016

One last word on the Ontario auditor general's report

Bruce McCaig's statement (available at ) , says, in part: "The Auditor’s report focuses on a small sample out of the many hundreds of projects Metrolinx is currently working on or has completed between 2011 and 2016."

Yet the AG report, talking about contractor invoices and project budgets, states: “the [finance] system issues payments regardless of whether the payment is under budget or will exceed the budget”. That affects every single project.

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H.P. Chard said...

Attitude of Metrolinx CEO to the AG report seems to be one of denial. At board meeting Dec. 8th the CEO McCuaig denied there was an upside-down truss installed at Pickering pedestrian bridge; you can see it on YouTube at 1:29:10 to 1:33:30. And his and the financial officer's favorite statistic seems to be that they had an average over-run of 3.8% on the 520 projects that in total cost $4.1 Billion (all Metrolinx??). It would be interesting to know exactly how this little stat was calculated, whether it was simply the arithmetic average of the % over-run on each project, or whether the sum of all over-runs was 3.8% of the 4.1 billion. Call me a nerd, but it makes a difference.