Friday, December 1, 2017

Health update: I'm a cycling machine

As most of you know, I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself back in April, brushed off my bike and got back on the proverbial horse, despite pain and injury. My highest weight in 2017 was 286 pounds. Today I weigh...

... are you ready for it?


This has been the most frustrating journey to get here but I persevered and pulled off this:

It's been a little hairy to ride in the evenings in Courtice. The town itself isn't very big and there are only three bike lanes - none of which are connected. To really get a good distance, I'd ride up to Hampton (and to Enniskillen on weekends) but it's too dangerous to ride the narrow, rural roads at night. So my night rides have been short, about 15 km, and infrequent, because although I'm prepared for the cold, I really do not like riding in wind, and it's been really windy.

But I gotta keep moving, right? So at the beginning of the month I forced my husband off the couch and now we walk, five times a week. We're averaging about 3 km a walk because my knees get extremely sore as they are riddled with arthritis. We walked 4.5 km recently and I was almost crippled by the time I got home. But ride 35 km non-stop? No problem. 

Someone mentioned putting together a Crazy Train cycling group for the Ride for Heart this coming June. I'm down. I'll post details on here, and on Twitter, once it's closer to registration. Now don't get too excited, I'm only interested in the 25 km route.

I haven't done a 50 km ride yet. My longest distance is 36 km. Let's stay realistic, k?

The goal now is to get to 238 pounds which was my original goal weight and I made it back in March of 2014. It is totally possible to lose 20 pounds in four months and I'm going to try my hardest to get there.


Squiggles said...

Best of luck! You can do it - look at how far you have come!

Out of curiosity have you tried a stationary bike? I know someone who rides one in the winter months when it is too hard or dangerous to walk outside.

I have a gazelle in my basement that I use in the winter. After having issues this past spring from slipping on ice, I no longer walk if I cannot see dry sidewalk.

Skin Man said...

Thanks for sharing - I truly enjoy these updates, (not quite as much as a good text exchange). Hoping you hit your goal quickly and as pain free as possible!!!

: - )

C.J. Smith said...

I'll ride outdoors as long as the roads are clear! I have bike trainer for my bike to cycle on indoors with, but I hate it. It's not the same. I also have a recumbent bike - the worst. As for walking, I've walked through the ice storm of 2014. I also walked through a blizzard. It's not an issue. You just need good shoes and clip on traction thingies.

G said...

Awesome work, Cindy! As for Ride for Heart, I think I've been mentioning it for a couple of years now and I'm glad it might actually happen. I still recommend going for the 50km. All the other riders are really motivating so if you were able to do 36km on your own then you should be able to handle the 50km on Ride for Heart day. Riding up and down the Don Valley Parkway is a weird experience and it would be a shame to miss out.

C.J. Smith said...

I've done 36 km several times and with the ride happening in June, there's time to train to 50 km. So I'll give it a shot. There are people on Twitter who also want to be part of the team.

Phynesse A said...

Awesome! Keep it up.

Bicky said...

I don't own a bike but will gladly sponsor the team with a donation.

Bicky said...

Oh and great work! Hit publish too soon. Doh!

Karen said...

I've done the ride for heart 25km with little extra training other than my 10k each way commute... You've got this!

Peter said...

Keep up the great work, Cindy! You're an inspiration to us all. The TCT group Ride for Heart is an excellent idea.

Mark said...

This is fantastic!

Regarding your cycling distances. If you can do 36, you can do 50. Those numbers just look scary.

Case in point: When I was doing my own thing (more running but cycling as well). I consistently looked to push farther even when I didn't think I could. I signed up for a 7km run just as I hit 5km and I signed up for a 15km run this year when I was still averaging 8-10km. In both cases the adrenaline and excitement not only pushed me through, but in times that I have not come close to before or since.

36km means that unless you absolutely have reached a physical limitation (fatigue not included :) ) that extra 14km is completely doable, especially in an organized event.

25km will feel good...50km will feel EPIC!!!!

C.J. Smith said...

Thanks Mark, I appreciate the encouragement! And I got excited reading the enthusiasm you have for me to do it that I was like, DAMN RIGHT I CAN DO 50KM!