Friday, February 9, 2018

Fire! Fire everywhere!

Friends, or as Rob Ford used to say, "Folks".

How are you? I mean, you look great (as always) but how are you?

Me? Well, it's been a busy time. It is literally DO ALL THE THINGS at work.

And recently, I have learned due to some changes on Blogger's end, I can only blog from a computer. The computer I have at home belongs in a museum and it can't handle the 21st century technology Blogger has implemented. My phone is too small, and trying to add in images? Forget it. This myriad of first world problems causes me great distress. Blogging from work is very much frowned upon (as it should be). I snuck this post in at 6:06 pm last night and scheduled it for today. If I'm asked to work an 11-hour workday, Imma blog, k?

As time marches on, blogs are becoming more of digital diaries and less about visual enjoyment. Twitter, Instagram, especially Instagram, are kicking blogging in the ass. At least for me they are. I now tweet 90% of  the time and blog 10% of the time. However, a blog remains the best place for issues that are too complex and lengthy for Twitter. I do have Instagram (you can find me as "thiscrazytrain") but I don't spend a lot of time on it.

Twitter is my jam.

I have some content that has been submitted (thank you). I just want to assure you I will be reviewing my emails, texts and DMs on the weekend.

Have a great Friday, folks!


G said...

I do use Twitter a bit but just can't get into it. Your post above would have to be about 3 or 4 tweets... it's just not a great medium for communication in my opinion. All to say that I hope you keep the blog, even if you don't post that often!

C.J. Smith said...

It took ages for me to get into Twitter as well. And I've come to really embrace it.

This bog is NOT going anywhere!


Skin Man said...

Yeah I don't really use any social media - so glad this is staying! Thank you CJ!

Bicky said...

I still love checking in on the blog. We do have a little leeway at work, so I check in the morning and on my lunch break. Glad you're sticking around.