Sunday, March 22, 2015

First come, first serve generation wins the train


Bicky said...

Last week I was walking through the coaches and a bunch of kids were in one quad. The parents were a couple of quads down. One kid stood up and went to talk to his mother and she told him to go sit down, or else he'd lose his seat. And then said, "Go sit down, or else that lady (me) would take the seat."

I kept walking. Lady, I had no intention of sitting in a quad full of unruly children.

I think GO needs to provide some educational information campaigns for March Break, summer vacation, etc. about how to ride the GO, and what not to do. There were many instances of the emergency strip being dinged because kids thought they'd miss the stop. *sigh*

Tal Hartsfeld said...

People are just natural-born "domestic coups".
Anywhere they go they think they own everything. "Everything belongs to just them" ...including public and commercial spaces.