Tuesday, March 10, 2015

We had a guest on the 90A this morning


Squiggles said...

Wow. It finally seems like progress!

I like how someone was there to see how the bus runs/what the route is like, etc. It is a shame that the weather is so nice and if the extreme cold was affecting things, it can't be tested.

Out of curiosity: was the on time this morning?

C.J. Smith said...

The bus was running 5 minutes behind the posted schedule for stops identified on the driver's paddle. But the driver left the garage on time. But a problem with the PRESTO machine (it wouldn't operate) caused a delay at the start of the trip this morning.

Re: the "paddle"

There are key stops the driver has to be at within a certain time frame and these are stops that connect with other GO buses or local transit. All the side streets in between are arbitrary (that was eye-opening). But the stops posted at stops that serve a purpose (such as connecting with the Highway 2 GO bus that runs past Stevenson Road)? Those stops have to be as exact as possible.

So despite what the trolls have told you. The paddle is gospel and if it's not being met, the route has to be examined.

It was nice to see action and I learned something today.

Anonymous said...

CJ gets action!

MATT said...

I'm confused...who is "X" and who is "Y"?

C.J. Smith said...

X is the name of the CSR I've been dealing with.

Y is the name of the analyst on the bus.

To protect them, I've withheld their names as I do not want this blog to interfere with their work or have their efforts undermined by my opinions or your opinions.

C.J. Smith said...

I screen grabbed the actual email. Maybe it's easier to follow that way. My aplologies