Thursday, March 5, 2015

Metrolinx can't even enforce no smoking bylaws but they're going to curb a gang of pigeon feeders?!

High-riding pigeons dump on bikes at Finch GO station

If pigeons were half as smart as some people think, they’d be choosier about where they do their business. And when people who aren’t much smarter than birds drop feed for them in the wrong places, everything under their perch is sure to be slathered with repulsive droppings. Pigeons are thought to be pretty sharp. We…


Bicky said...

Ha ha ha! Enforcement... hilarious.

Seriously, though, bird poop is a health hazard.

GO should consider adding something to the roof of the bike shelters so the birds won't land on it. My dad make spikes out of packing tape for the top of one his Muskoka chairs (resin not wood). Birds stopped landing.

As for the bike in the photo... ewww.

mark p said...

i notice TTC puts spikey things on any thing that a bird or pigeon can land on..... and btw, putting "dont feed pigeons" signs wont work...... they plaster no smoking signs everywhere and we all know how effective they are.... :)

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Now we know how to get revenge on annoying neighbors or those we feel any kind of animosity towards.
Simply "arm" yourself with a loaf of bread (Preferably white bread. Should never waste any wheat or rye)and scatter fragments and pieces of the bread around their residences.

deepfish said...

Simple solution based on time honored proven methods and the apparent operating doctrine of GO Enforcement:
Place just enough discreet signage warning that feeding of pigeons is "against the law" (nudge nudge wink wink)... place these right by the "no smoking" signage already in place, even.
Since the buttsuckers already treat THEIR signs as clubhouse markers, the pigeon pheeders will do the same, no doubt.
So we can combine agents of allergic reaction, COPD and cancer with the agents of Histoplasmosis Candidiasis and Cryptococcosis in several convenient locations in and around station and bus platforms.
Enforcement can then concentrate on occasionally making a half hearted show of clearing out the pigeon poop and butt brigaders, and PR can announce a brave new commitment to the safety and comfort of the traveling public...