Monday, March 2, 2015

Only a thousand stickers sold for Danforth GO access via Metropass? And guess what? GO was slower than TTC

Did you notice the number on the GO sticker on the Metropass in this video?

Check out this report by CTV News.

Two CTV reporters attempt to get to Union from the east and the west end of the city using GO Transit and comparing the time of travel to the TTC.


Squiggles said...

If you were a Metropass holder, this is only worth it IF you are already close to one of those two stations.

I don't think the time to get to Union is the major factor. I am thinking it is the crowding/comfort level that would entice people to take the GO. Of course, if the GO is all messed up (like it has been for Feb), what is the point of paying more for missing service.

But then again, I am irked that they inconvenienced a whole lotta GO people to mess with the train times to run this pilot programme.

Anonymous said...

one thing I think they forgot was the time it takes to get from platform level to downstairs and out of the station... that could be an extra 3-4 minutes depending on how backed up the stairwells and go concourse is!!!

George said...

Hey I'm in that video!

My big break is just around the corner, I just know it now.