Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Time to clean house, Metrolinx, and fire those who can't "winter"


Anonymous said...

Not once was I on a train with frozen doors. I'm not saying it didn't happen but not for me. This transit agency needs to talk to Bombardier about retrofitting trains with better technology because, seriously???

7 am outta Oshawa

Squiggles said...

Me neither Sheila. But, I was on several having to deal with frozen switches or even just busy tracks.

I was on a train where they emptied the coach because the door was stuck open. The sad thing: It was October.

I think they grasp at one talking point/excuse and run with it.

Bicky said...

"Metrolinx says the rebates are popular but it didn't have the exact figures on how many riders qualify get their money back."

I'd like to know how many qualify and how many actually put in for the rebate.

I know there's a time or two I don't bother.