Tuesday, March 3, 2015

GO Transit bus driver charged with careless driving after fatal crash on Highway 407

Donald Bruce Crombie, 66, was driving the bus at the time of the accident, the Ontario Provincial Police said in a press release Monday.

Crombie had 15 years of experience driving buses, GO Transit officials said at the time.

Police said the bus collided with a steel guard rail on the right side of the highway for “unknown reasons” shortly after 10 p.m. on Jan. 14.

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Warren Downe said...

With the loss of life, it was inevitable that a charge would be laid.

What still has to be answered is whether the rivets on the steel guard rail had popped - for "unknown reasons" - before the bus arrived in the vicinity thereby skewering the bus.

C.J. Smith said...

Fatalities don't always mean charges will be laid.

It also doesn't mean the charge is true. That will have to be proven in court. I hope it is not true.

Anonymous said...

"Careless Driving" can mean anything.
The fact that no "Criminal Charges" were laid makes you wonder if anyone knows what really happened?
Is the drivers account not in consistency with the investigation?
Anyway, Careless driving could mean... Fell asleep, talking to a passenger, answering the radio, it could be anything.
Strange how they haven't specified exactly what.

Ben Dover

outburst said...

I take it he is out of a job, or am I reading between the lines here? It states he "had" 15 years experience, like that won't be increasing.

Anonymous said...

I highly doubt that this driver will be convicted of careless driving.

In the GTA especially, its not uncommon to see careless driving charges plea bargained down to very minor charges (i.e seat belt).

VRS said...

I cannot speak for the rest of GO employees but TSOs ride for free on the train when they are not on duty but are expected to assist if any issues arise. Basically they are "on call" the second they board a GO vehicle.

Barb Mckee said...

Known this man since I was a baby & there is no way he is criminally responsible.Error in judgement,possibly but this man is a great human being & sadly this mishap happened for all involved:(