Thursday, March 5, 2015

I'm also the girl on the train reading The Girl on the Train

I'm a girl on the train reading the girl on the train 😄 #reading #thegirlonthetrain #gotrain

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outburst said...

I get it, but that's a pretty lousy book title IMO. Will the sequel be 'The Man at the Bus Stop'?
Hopefully there's something more exciting in it than trying to figure out how to position her knees when the quads are full...

It was just another train ride home, until someone's phone starting beeping in The Quiet Zone. The girl on the train put her headphones in but could still hear the noise! No, she thought, my mad martial arts skills are for defence only. But I'm not just any girl on the train, I am THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN! With one lightning-fast kick, the phone went flying out of the offender's hand.
"No talking in The Quiet Zone!" the girl on the train yelled.
She tumbled with the man in the aisle, both grasping for the rolling, beeping phone. The other patrons pretended not to notice. The phone was just out of reach, an inch away when she saw the incoming message: Explosives ready at city station. Hit Reply to detonate.
The man was choking her, but this did not bother the girl on the train the most. No, it was his laughing; his loud maniacal laughing, in the quiet zone.

Soon to be a major motion picture.

Squiggles said...

I would SO watch that!

Bicky said...

@outburst... well, I'm hooked. When's the next chapter coming? ;o)

outburst said...

Silliness spurred by boredom and common rat race commuter syndrome. One never knows when it will strike next.

C.J. Smith said...

The book is really good. Very suspenseful. I'm now half way through.

I have the .epub file. If anyone wants it, shoot me an email.