Thursday, March 26, 2015

Only 134 stickers sold so far in Danforth-Exhibition pilot project

GO-TTC sales of premium joint fares off to slow start

Metrolinx’s first major fare integration test is off to a slow start. As of last Tuesday, only 134 people had bought the $60 monthly stickers that allow TTC Metropass users to ride GO trains at Danforth and Exhibition stations to shave 10 to 15 minutes off their commute, according to documents obtained by the Star. Since…


April said...

It is a stupid, poorly planned project . . . so typical for Metrolinx.

Here are my questions:

Why these stations? The fare from Danforth is $5.65. It is the same fare from Eglinton and Scarborough - why aren't those stations included?

Exhibition fare is $5.30, Mimico and Long Branch are $5.60. They come in under the $5.65 price tag that is the fare on the LSE (and why the hell is LSE MORE?)

There is no parking at Danforth or Exhibition. I suppose that is why these stations were chosen for the test, to try to attract those people who are already taking TTC. I am not familiar with Exhibition but I am quite familiar with the neighbourhood around Danforth station. There is not a chance in hell that someone from Crescent Town is going to get on the subway at Victoria Park, get off at Main Street and then walk down to catch the GO Train - you would simply stay on the subway. There is also no way in hell I would take a bus to get to Main Station and then walk down to the Go Train, again, I would just go downstairs and get on the subway.

The only people that will be interested in these stickers are those that live within walking distance of the train station and that excludes a lot of people in the highrise next to Danforth station who simply can't afford or can't justify the extra $60 a month.

Unknown said...

I've seen so much hate for this around the internet, and I really can't understand why.

It's a pilot project. Sometimes these things don't work out, but all the market research in the world isn't an appropriate substitute for actually trying things out in real life.

Was it "poorly planned"? Maybe. Could it have turned out better? Maybe. Have we learned a lesson by trying and failing? Absolutely.

For the minimal cost of this project (stickers, some employee training, minimal advertising), we learned what doesn't work, which is at least as valuable as everything working out.

Anonymous said...

Except, judging from past experience, Metrolinx won't learn what didn't work.

Richard Roma said...

Tyson: this pilot project deserves the scorn it's getting. The new Danforth stop in the morning has added about 5-7 extra minutes to my morning trip, just to pick up approx. 15 people from this station. And yes, it does take much longer than GO Transit's imaginary 2 extra minutes, as the train loses serious momentum from Kennedy.

The last full-run trip from Stouffville is quite useless, since it arrives at union station on/after 8:57, when most people need to be at their desk by 9!