Monday, March 30, 2015

Quiet Zone confrontations

Have any of you had a situation where you did talk in the Quiet Zone where you addressed something quickly with another passenger and been told off for it?

Friday night, the woman I was was with, asked me what coach we were in and how far she would have to walk to get to the front. I quickly explained to her how to do it and to be aware of the crowds she'd have to fight.

I hadn't even finished my sentence (while speaking in a normal voice) when the woman behind us spoke loudly through the crack in the seat and said, "Please go downstairs and finish your conversation." I was taken aback. So was the woman with me. We both stared at each other dumbfounded for the rest of the ride.

At Whitby, when this woman got up to line up on the stairs, I'll be honest -- I wanted to say something to her. But I didn't.

Nobody rules the Quiet Zone and also, if you feel that fucking strongly about anyone saying one word within earshot of you, I suggest you visit a shelter and hug a puppy until you feel better.


Dakota said...

It is the Quiet Zone, not the Silent Zone.

Squiggles said...

Wow. That is insane.

I will admit, I have reminded people that they were in the quiet zone. But I have unspoken "rules" before I have approached.

Normally, we have to have left the station. If it is outdoor voices, the topics of the conversations are not appropriate (some people have no filters!), etc.

I have answered questions about where the train was going, etc. And in a normal voice. To me, this is fine. And appropriate. But if it continued or veered off topic, then no.

Anonymous said...


Bicky said...

Short and quiet conversations are okay. The signs even say so.

It's not like you two were joining a frat party and woohoo'ing at the top of your lungs. Sheesh!

Unknown said...

What you did was no different than a CSR making an announcement on the system. Does she yell at the CSR for allowing announcements in the Quiet Zone? It's ridiculous. No wonder everyone thinks chivalry/being courteous is dead!!

Valentino Assenza said...

I would have said something most definitely.

I would have said something like:

"I in no way mean to disturb, the quiet zone does actually allow for short quiet conversations and as you can see, I'm not reading the Gettysburg address nor am I using a megaphone. I'm quietly and quickly giving this nice lady some information if you please, and I'll be done in a moment, thank you."

If she piped up after that the onus of any other racket in the quiet zone would have been on her.

C.J. Smith said...

Thanks guys.

Next time, I'll have a better grip on it. The Quiet Zone was designed to address those who made the ride disturbing to others through obnoxious behavior.
Giving another passenger an answer to a question should not result in hostility.

So if someone were having a sudden medical issue, would the expectation be this person get up and move downstairs so passengers can ask questions to assist?

This is what drives me crazy about the self imposed Quiet Zone police.

Anonymous said...

CJ That last comment was a little loud - could you quieten it down a bit please? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Never seen this kind of thing happen on the RH line. People have quiet conversations and no one is militant about it (at least from my experience).. too bad some people can't have common sense -- seems to be too much to ask for! As someone mentioned here earlier -- "its a quiet zone not a silent zone".

Anonymous said...

I find people are pretty good on the Stouffville line. I have spoken up before and most times people apologize and quiet down.

I agree with the comment above on how it should be after we've left the station. I know some don't agree and have had them mutter something about the quiet zone while I was talking with a friend quietly while at Union.

I don't mind a quick quiet conversation but it shouldn't last the whole ride. If I can hear them from a few rows away with earphones on, that's not quiet.

Bicky said...

The last time I confronted a woman about the Quiet Zone, she turned her phone so her man (she was face-timing with) could see me. I do not need to see ugly naked guy at 6:30 am! She was completely obnoxious.

Lori said...

Could you imagine if someone had a medical emergency, "Sir, could you have your heart attack downstairs!" You should have said something, you weren't in the wrong.

TomW said...

You should have shh'd the person who shh'd you, for talking in the Silent Zone.

Chen said...

Knowing I was sitting in the quiet zone, I was talking to the person next to me using low volume. The guys sat opposite us got so upset started to use F words, I tried to be as calm as possible, I told the person that the quiet zone was not no talk zone, even if he was right, he should not use the F words.

I believe lots of people are abusing the use of quiet zone.

PrincessEllabur said...

The Toronto Star's GTA's Fixer had an article about this today. The emailer said that she was harassed almost because of she trying to have a short conversation with her husband. And on other trips she seen these so-called "self-poicling" people use the secuirty ALARM to get someone to shut up

Unknown said...

I paid for my ticket. Only seats available were in “the quiet zone”. I’ll converse quietly if I want. Fuck off if you don’t like it. You want to sleep, then get a room. Miserable, Intolerant, easily Offended assholes!