Friday, June 11, 2010


It was a train of audio horrors for me this morning.

There's these two women who get on at Whitby who jump around like Arethra Franklin on donuts, so you never know which car they'll wind up in. These two never SHUT UP.

This morning the topic at hand was a $45 bank charge for an RRSP withdrawal or some crap. Usually when I see them coming, I flee, but I was with my train friend Charlotte and I couldn't just leave in mid-conversation.

You know these two ladies have a reputation when you hear the collective sighs and groans from others once they settle their loudmouths into seats.

And if these two ladies happen to stumble onto this website one day and can recall the time there was this 30-minute discussion about f*cking slow cookers and dinner, it was me who asked you both to lower your voices that day.

Then, somewhere outside of Pickering, this woman breaks out her cellphone and begins a conversation in Vietnamese at VOLUME 20 hollering at her mother. She kept screaming "Ma-mah! Ma-mah!" every other sentence.

My ability to understand Vietnamese is limited to what I learned from watching the movie Platoon over one hundred times but I'm positive that's what language everyone in my coach was getting a lesson in. She also hollered, "Cam ming lie!" a few times which I am sure is "Shut up".

Ohhh, now I get it.


Anonymous said...

i don't understand this demand for quiet. who cares? buy an ipod and invest in headphones.

Anonymous said...

Most often the loud-mouths can still be heard through headphones. Also if I want to sleep or read, turning my mp3 player to deafening volumes to drown out noise really isn't going to accomplish my goal of peace will it?

anonymous3 said...

I think the expectation of complete silence is a bit much to ask. I think people should be aware of and respectful of others on the train by keeping there voices down.

Anonymous said...

Why should anyone be forced into a position such as listening to music at a volume that can cause hearing loss over time due to the inconsideration of others? What an ignorant and selfish attitude to have.

Anonymous said...

surprisingly it's only annoying in the morning for me and somewhat more acceptable for me to tolerate chatter on the ride home.


C.J. Smith said...

i don't understand this demand for quiet. who cares? buy an ipod and invest in headphones.

I did enough damage to my hearing as a teenager, I can't risk anymore but thank you for your valuable and heartfelt advice.

RonNasty said...

I switched to an express train to get away from the chatter. I've currently found a spot that doesn't currently feature any loud speakers. I don't want to mention the train in fear that those loud mouths will seek me out again. The plus side to the express train is that I can get in an additional 15 minute power walk in the morning. Honest.

Camilla said...

If the person is sitting across/beside you... how loud do you really have to be?
The whole car does NOT want to hear your conversation, honest it's not personal.