Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Woman, you crazy. And stupid

Outside Ajax, this woman pulls out her cell and begins a conversation about her citizenship application. On a packed Go train and within earshot of strangers, she provides her SIN, name, DOB, mother's maiden name and address and then proceeds to entertain us all with why she needs to provide proof of citizenship... for a shopping trip to the Coach store in Buffallo.

Identity Theft. You has it.


Camilla said...

OMG, there are just no words for this kind of stupidity. And they walk among us and are allowed to reproduce! We should all be scared, very scared!
And yes, this is exactly the kind of person we want to immigrate to Canada! To "enrich" our country...

Anonymous said...

i bet u she's the kind of woman, when asked if the cancer lottery can publish her first name, last initial and city in the list of winners to be published in the newspaper, she checks "no" and freaks out about her privacy.

willing to bet a whole boat load of dough

Camilla said...