Monday, July 26, 2010



You give up your seat.

The end.

*This same rule applies to those who are elderly and disabled. If you have two perfectly good legs, you stand.


karen said...

One day a woman and I debated about whether a girl was pregnant of carried wight in her abdomen. She looked about 3 months pregnant, but we couldn't decide if she was/was not. Especially with the aternity-type tops that are in vogue. She was about 20, and I decided that it would be worse on her self-esteem to be asked if she was pregnant, if she wasn't, than it would be for her to stand for 30 minutes. If she looked uncomfortable or further along, different story.

She ended up sitting on the floor reading a diet book, but i still felt a twinge of anxiety about this.

C.J. Smith said...

You are blessed if you can tell a woman is pregnant at 3 months!
I didn't show until I was 6 months along.

The woman who waddled on at Ajax rubbing her belly was definitely pregs. I gave her my seat. Lots of strapping young businessmen looked the other way.

C.J. Smith said...

And yes, it can be embarrassing if you assume someone is pregnant but asking someone simply if they would like to sit could be chalked up as just someone being polite.

Camilla said...

I didn't show until about 5.5 months with my first... seccond at 3 months... and you don't want to know about the third!
The fact that some morons still will not offer up their seats to very pregnant mom's in waiting, elderly or fysically handicapped is apalling. Who teached these people manners? And how come so few of them pick up on these things on their own?
Are we that deep into "it's all about ME"?
Even when traffic is slow I'm ever so greatful to be in my own car!