Friday, July 30, 2010

Thirty minutes!?

There's a dude standing next to me who just told the lady beside him that if she doesn't run to her car once these doors open at Oshawa, it will take her 30 minutes to drive her car out of the lot.
Since when? I'm out in less than 10.


TomW said...

Did he seem like the kind of guy who would excessivly enjoy seeing woman of a certain build run?

RonNasty said...

I like to run to my car because its the only exercise I get all day.

TomW said...

I walk home. Much cheaper. (Or if I'm lazy, I get the best bus I can and walk from the bus stop).

C.J. Smith said...

I actually think the guy was being a jerk because the woman was wearing heels. So perhaps he was just playin' her. However, people do run like linebackers when the train stops at Oshawa.

TomW said...

Yup, they do that at Whitby too. Some people get up as the train leaves the station to position themsleevs by the door.

I like the bus - someone else drives.