Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I like to project so everyone realizes how important I am

Lovingly penned by H.M. in email


I just found your blog recently and it made my hubby and I really happy (That's what this is about, folks, bringing joy ... ).

This morning on the 7:20 train we were treated to the brilliant musings of this girl. We got to hear about who she's dating, who wants to date her, who wants to be Facebook friends with her and how 30 year olds look scary old. At deafening volume (we are 2 quads away).

Her companion mostly just agreed; probably because he couldn't get a word in.
H.M. sent in a sound-byte of this motormouth but I need to check with my studying-to-be-a-lawyer-guy-whose-the-brother-of-the guy-who-changes-my-windshield-wipers if there's any "I'm going to consider legal action" consequences of publishing a person's voice.
Wannabe lawyer gives it the green light. If you download the file and drop it into iTunes, it'll play for you. Sounds like two hippos in a cage match with like, ohmigawd, commentary.

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