Monday, August 27, 2012

I've been taken down by a mosquito

Well ladies and germs, I became a statistic on August 15. That was the day when I showed the first symptom of West Nile Fever - sore throat.
By the Friday, I was a shaking, feverish, shivering and sweating mess. My fever hit a high of 39.9 C and by Sunday, I had a rash covering the lower part of my legs. On Monday, the headache was so bad, I couldn't tolerate light and wore dark sunglasses to survive.
I did go into work and suffered and also went in on Tuesday. I did visit a doctor who said he was extremely confident I was suffering from West Nile. A blood test later confirmed it.
I was told to work from home for the rest of the week, doing what I could, and focus on getting better.
It's been hell. My asthma has flared up and I just about died biking this morning. It's hard to hack up a lung and remain in control of a bike.
I've been a pitiful mess and I'm still very fatigued.
I'm writing this post not for sympathy but more to warn people to heed the message. Cover up. Wear insect repellent and carry a citronella candle with you after 8pm.
I also had difficulty finding other people online who had experienced West Nile. I can assure you the worst headache of your life will go away. It is true that no amount of Advil or Tylenol will help. You just have to ride out the storm.
The dizziness and nausea will cause you to break down in tears out of frustration of feeling do dreadful.
The vertigo is worse during the fever stage and will eventually stop. Hold onto handrails when negotiating stairs at all times! Don't trust your feet.
But most importantly, don't trust any mosquito.


Bicky said...

Yikes! Hope you're feeling better soon. Luckily, I've only had two bites this year and nipped them fairly quickly. Nasty buggers!

Leesa Barnes said...

I thought my RSS reader broke when I didn't see an update since last Wednesday. Thanks for the warning. Please get better real soon. I'm anxious to read chapter three.

C.J. Smith said...

And I'm anxious to post Chapter 3!
I need to review it and do some editing. I finally feel up to it!

Al said...

You and apparently 45 others in ontario.

C.J. Smith said...

I told ya! I'm a statistic!

TomW said...

Eeeeek! Hope you can take some days off work.. (and you really should).

April said...

Glad you are feeling better!

Squiggles said...

Yay on being a Statistic! I always wanted to be one.

But Boooo-urns on the West Nile. Sounds really icky.

Fingers crossed you'll be right as rain soon.

Kelly said...

Feel better soon!

Subliminal said...

I've had 2 bouts of similar symptoms (chest and nasal congestion, sore throat, and a killer couch that makes a train coach load of people want to move to the next car)in the last six weeks and the only time I go out after dark is the annual Aug 12 meteor shower.
Sounds similar :eek:

Get well soon.

TomW said...

Subliminal: killer couch???

C.J. Smith said...

Me thinks he meant cough.

Ashley said...

If I had a Killer Couch on a train I would trap everyone and make it eat all the snot-snorters, game players (without headphones), loud talkers, foot riders, door donkeys and all the other annoyances on the train!

TT said...

I think we have here an idea for your next logo.