Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Last week, I rode the train with the third richest man in the world

Maybe he really was who he said he was - the third richest man in the world. A billionaire whose wealth includes two mining companies and a publishing business.

He's also a famous physicist, well known in China and Japan. A man whose family was cured of cancer, ulcers and toothaches using nothing but oil of Oregano.

He told me his name was Tom and he invented a device that allowed for videos to be projected from a watch.

I met Tom last week on a train ride home to Pickering. I was in a foul mood, with no desire talk to anyone. Tom dialed up so much crazy, he broke the damn phone.

He quoted poetry, scripture and gloated about being a father. How could I not listen?


Kerr said...

Sweet Jesus.
I've met this guy before. It's the same script over and over.
I always pegged him as mentally unstable but his story never waivers.
Were you like me thinking his suitcase was full of Oil of Oregano jars and he was like one of those traveling covered wagon dudes from the 1800s?
Or, he was going to get you to join some kind of cult?
Amazingly, I never thought to capture my exchange with him on film.
When I went home and told my wife, she didn't believe me.

C.J. Smith said...

I filmed it because I KNEW no one would believe me.
To them I say, good day.

Anonymous said...

Oil of Oregano is amazing!! Take it to prevent colds and flus and fight off infection.

too bad all his money cant get him to the dentist of the barber ;)

Matt said...

No way in hell that guy is Warren Buffett. He’s just really adept at telling the same lies over and over. Credit to him for being consistent, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

I met that guy on some desolate road in north Pickering.. Couldn't walk away from him quickly enough

Quadtumbler said...

This is the type of situation where a little bit of beer makes the situation go a little smoother. They should change the rules for this one guy, so we can enjoy ourselves with a frosty lager while he rambles on.

Anonymous said...

Should have hit the yellow panic strip. Also, I wonder if he's actually paid his fare since drifters like him dont pay? We dont need a zanta-like character in our public transit system

Anonymous said...

what a neat guy, crazy and all! I will watch for him on the LSE line and hopefully one day I can be enlightened by the amazing stories that live in his mind.