Sunday, June 8, 2014

It's an ELECTION and this is what *we* get PROMISED? Shit I can do with a Quick-pick and a trip to Canadian Tire?!

from: MS
to: CJ Smith
date: Thu, Jun 5, 2014 at 11:37 AM
subject: Transit plantforms - election news

As if we're not bombarded enough with election promises... here's where the parties stand on transit:

I've excerpted some for you and highlighted for emphasis...
Progressive Conservative: Upload TTC rail to integrate service with GO Transit; downtown relief line; Scarborough subway; Yonge subway extension to Richmond Hill; complete the Eglinton Crosstown LRT, including the east-end portion running on a separate right-of-way on the road; cancel LRTs on Sheppard, Finch, Mississauga, Brampton and Hamilton; more all-day, two-way GO trains, including more rush-hour and express GO service providing Wi-Fi, power plug-ins and cup holders; longer term, would extend the subway to Mississauga and the Sheppard subway from Don Mills to the Scarborough City Centre.
Oh praise God! Cup holders! Never mind the 100,000 people put out of work... we'll have cup holders on the GO Train!! (*end sarcasm*)


I've been asked about which party I plan on supporting. In my riding of Durham, we have three new candidates for each party of which none have served any time in office. One I had to school on what PRESTO was. One didn't return my calls and the other was upfront about being rather ignorant about transit policy in Durham but is willing to learn what's needed and help prioritize.

My mom always told me there are three things you don't discuss in a public forum: sex, politics and religion.

As of right now, I am undecided, but I wouldn't be surprised if I wind up just supporting who was already in power.

Let it fly, folks ... I'll publish every comment. Wait, before the trolls lose their marbles, only those who make an argument will get published.

Sorry losers, this means you'll have to actually put a thought together if you want to make it to centre stage. Pfllttttt.


Squiggles said...

A) I just wanted to clarify that 100,000 people will NOT be put out of work. Those jobs will be lost due to retirement and attrition and not re-filled. As well, it will not apply to nurses and cops. This is something that I picked up while watching the debate. It seems like most media outlets and the other 2 candidates have made this into a "FIRE THEM ALL" moment.

B) I can get on-board with the more rush hour trains, especially in the evening. Not so much in the morning. But I am getting a little tired of the 18.18 LSE train being consistently late. And that the last express train is 17.53. As for WiFi, plus and cupholders, not a factor in why I choose GO. But I will support the cupholders if they are attached to an armrest that has butt dividers in it.

Squiggles said...

Oh, I should follow up with that the loss of 100,000 jobs would bring the province back to 2009 employment levels. I am not certain about everyone, but I do NOT feel like I am benefiting from increased services.

And, by now, you all know who I voted for (I do pre-vote). But I have no respect for the Liberals. The incumbent in my area is a Liberal and I have yet to see his face. The NDP one has only been by my house once during the day: no calls, nothing else. The Conservative candidate has been quite present in my area. Signs, door-to-door canvassing, GO stations twice, phone calls, etc. To me, this tells me that the incumbent thinks he is safe in his job, though what exactly he does in the legislature is beyond me.

I do think people need to start reading the platforms and not rely on one newspaper/outlet for coverage. As the different papers/outlets support one candidate over others. If nothing else, just look at the past 10 years of Liberal mis-management, the OPP investigations into their government and scandal after boondoogle and ask themselves if we can really support another 4 years of this? Because as it is, we are only a few budgets or one scandal away from becoming Greece.

And done with soapbox.

April said...

I am having trouble picking a candidate too. Due mostly to the fact that I haven't met any of them, or their volunteers.

Do you remember a time when they used to go door to door canvasing? I do. Apparently doesn't happen anymore. EVER.

There is one party that gets crossed off before the horse even leaves the gate. That leaves two. One I don't like so much, one I would really like to see win on grounds that have nothing to do with their ability to run and care for this province.

Add to that my fury that we are spending a BILLION tax dollars to hold an election one year early (that is right people, the 2011 provincial election cost $911 million dollars) because these turds can't get along and make it work? We made a choice and I greatly disapprove that the leaders of these parties check the polls and decide when to topple the government. WE VOTED! We made a choice. They need to learn to live with it.

Oh . . . and the attack ads. They really make me want to run out there and vote. Why not tell me why I SHOULD vote for you, instead of why I SHOULDN'T vote for the other guy? What . . . can't up with a reason you deserve my vote? Thought not.

With this kind of bullshit going on, it is no wonder we have the fabulous candidates that we have. No one with a brain would dare run for politics for fear that every skeleton in their closet would be hung out for the world to see.

Disillusionment. I have it.

Unknown said...

I think this is more of a commentary in politics in general than transit specifically, but I'll chime in.

We're too adversarial. Everybody is so quick to join the red/blue/yellow camps and take nearly everything their leaders say as gospel. Moreover, the leaders of these parties think that an election is some kind of future idea contest; that their platforms are what matter above all else.

You can see it in our governmental houses day in, day out: conflict. Instead of accepting input from all elected officials and crafting a transit policy that makes the most number of people happy, we see parties making their idea of the "perfect plan" and fighting tooth-and-nail against any amendments because it would make the legislation stray from their idea of a "perfect plan".

In my opinion, public transit should only be a political issue when it comes to funding. Let a politically-neutral governmental branch (or 3rd party (like in London)) decide what goes where, and have them ask the government for funding. It's not perfect, but it's a step in the right direction.

Let's not forget what killed Transit City and neutered GO 2020: politicking. If we took these decisions out of the hands of the government and let competent, independent planners decide what's best for everybody (with ample public input, of course), we'd all be better off.

I'm not suggesting Metrolinx should be that organization, but it'd be one hell of a big step forward.

Bicky said...

The CONS are no better than the FIBerals. The last time I did a protest vote, Bob Rae became premier. *eyeroll*

I'm tempted to follow s. 53 of the Elections Act (Ontario). Register a declined ballot. Declined ballots must be counted as well.

It's that or hold my nose and play eenie meenie miney moe. Nobody is fit to lead this province out of the mess we're in.

Squiggles said...


I almost spoiled my ballot. Came really close to it, as in the pencil was a hovering 1 cm from paper. Had I sneezed it would have been spoiled. Then thought that my ballot could make a difference.

But I agree, no one is fit. But I chose the one who might do the least damage. I guess we will see in 2 days what will be the outcome.

Peter said...

@Tyson Moore
Agreed. We need lots of public input. Regrettably, too many folks believe their job is done once they leave the polling station. Nothing is farther from the truth. The real tasks, for all, begin the day after the election.

Yes, declined ballots are counted, but, all too often, they are reported with spoiled ballots.

Anonymous said...

Great so now people will leave their empty Tim's cups in the GO train cup holders. And it'll only be a matter of time before riders break the cupholders whenever we get them.

TomW said...

The whole "100,000 jobs will only be lost through attrition" ignores that some jobs have to be re-filled.

It also means that jobs will be cut in departments/agencies with lots of workers near retirement age, which is a very arbitrary way of doing it. It has nothing to do with where jobs need to be reduced.

So, bloated departments/agencies with lots of young workers will remain bloated; lean efficient agencies departments/agencies with lots of older workers will find they don't have enought staff.

TomW said...

Also, Hudak's plan is only forecast to increase emplyoyment by 75,000 extra people. if there's 100,000 fewer public sector workers, then that means 25,000 fewer people in work.

Anonymous said...

Just be careful how u vote ... u don't want some inexperienced worker for hire driving your bus just cause hudak wants to cut back on union workers and salaries. Also Make sure your children get the education they deserve, not a higher student to teacher ratio which is what hudak is aiming for.

Anonymous said...

Have u had a ride on the GO bus lately?? People think that the seat pocket and floor is for their garbage Check out the seat pockets and you'll find out what others are enjoying for lunch. There is not one day that goes by where I can sit on a bus and enjoy a clean seat free from garbage and other crap people just leisurely discard at will. Do they do this at home? Or in their own car?
At least it keeps the bus cleaning staff employed.

Anonymous said...

Just be careful how u vote ... u don't want some inexperienced worker for hire driving your bus just cause hudak wants to cut back on union workers and salaries. Also Make sure your children get the education they deserve, not a higher student to teacher ratio which is what hudak is aiming for.