Friday, June 13, 2014

Old enough to know better

Not once, in life, has my mother ever walked into a stranger's living room, or even my own, rolled off her socks, and thrown her feet on the edge of a piece of furniture and acted like it was perfectly acceptable to do so.


Anonymous said...

Im a newbie to this blog site ... and have been reading your past posts over the last few weeks.
My observations are ... people think its OK to put their feet up and relax in public when its not the best decision or the best time to do so .... you (the blogger) have a foot fetish or foot phobia.

C.J. Smith said...

If I was excited sexually by feet, the descriptions of each photo would be more titillating rather than the ones I write expressing outrage. There is no fetish here.

As for a phobia, I am not afraid of your feet. Do I want your naked feet next to me while I sip my coffee? No. Never. That's just gross.


Anonymous said...

Word of advice to anyone who is new? If you let on that a certain subject annoys you, expect to see a lot more of it. I don't think CJ publishes even a fraction of the amount of feet on seats photos she gets. This is a widespread sentiment of disgust. Trust me.

Anonymous said...

Your blog really hits home! Folks submitting photos of commuters putting their smelly feet on the cushions of seats, may I suggest you take 2 photos. The first photo is the person committing the offending act (face hidden), then a photo of the offender's face. Then maybe C.J. could publish the photos in a section called..."Guess who owns the smelly feet". It'll be both educational and fun for kids of all ages!

Anonymous said...

When I thought I had seen everything possible on the Lakeshore East line...I see this...young Oriental lady (really cute too), picking toe jam from her right toe. It was surreal. Should I puke or should I have asked for her number? Surreal.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

I don't know why so many people think everywhere they go is an extension of their living room or of their apartment.
One should never be so relaxed and nonchalant being out in public in such a dangerous world.
But, then again, this is the age of walking around with iPods and headphones.