Thursday, August 21, 2014

I don't even WORK for GO Transit yet I feel ashamed - this is not how we should treat others (bus driver leaves disabled woman behind)

Below is a copy of the passenger charter that GO posts on all its buses. Note the failures.


Anonymous said...

as my mom always said. there are 2 sides to every story and the driver has not had his or her side yet.

C.J. Smith said...

Yes. This is true but whatever the excuse, it would come off as pretty weak. I'm not disabled. I don't have to rely on anyone to help me. This was handled very poorly regardless of whatever excuse the driver might have, especially the response from customer service. That, if true, was appalling.

Chris P. Bacon said...

The driver was just one of several GO Transit personnel involved. The first CSR who the young lady talked to had opportunity to contact Operations to apprise the driver of the situation - standard procedure. The second CSR had opportunity to contact Operations to have the driver return to the platform - standard procedure. But really, how could the driver not have seen that much luggage & stuff on the platform / in the shelter? I'd like to hear that side of the story.

Anonymous said...

Given the bus shelter she is sitting in is approx 50 feet from the actual bus stop, and the fact that all of her luggage was in the shelter and not close to the designated bus stop, it is possible that the driver thought this person could have been waiting for something/someone else .. ie a taxi, a bus going to Barrie downtown (this is not the final stop in the northbound bus route) a person to pick her up, meeting a friend, etc ....
We don't know the drivers side of the story .. so lets wait to hear that side before posing negative comments about the drivers.

Everyone is quick to pass judgement before finding out the facts .... guilty till proven innocent??

C.J. Smith said...

^ Did you even watch the whole video because you missed a real crucial part.

There are some top notch drivers that work for GO. I have gotten to know a few of them and admire many from afar. There are bad apples, too. I've met them. They don't deserve to wear the uniform, yet there they be. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

I have a mobility problem as well, however when taking the bus or train, I make sure to show up early. I also take responsibility for my own self. By having my baggage waiting at the stop for the driver to load, not 50 feet away. People aren't mind readers. As a passenger she should have done these things. If she had mobility problems she could have asked the CSR to help her with her bags, that way the driver would have known she wanted the bus. Sitting in a shelter doesn't mean the person wants the bus. I feel bad for her but she needs to take responsibility for herself.

Squiggles said...

Well, this is not the first time that someone who has needs was ignored by a bus driver. It happened recently in Edmonton with the Trans bus.

That being said: the CSR that she talked to at the very start of the trip, should have stayed with her OR communicated to the bus driver to let the driver know about this woman. Or did this woman talk to someone at Customer Service before deciding to take her trip via GO? I know that they do recommend that, especially when someone is in the wheelchair and taking the train as not all stations are equipped/have functioning elevators and they do make arrangements. I know I have seen CSRs meet my train at Union to assist people to the concourse with wheelchairs.

Second, this woman is really far from both her bags and the rest of the passengers waiting to board. If I had difficulty moving (and I do some days), taking the first seat in the shelter would have been preferable to taking the last seat and having my luggage 10 feet away. As well, knowing she has difficulties, did she start heading towards the bus to get help with her luggage as soon as she saw it, or did she wait until the others were loaded?

I feel for her and the fails on the side of GO are quite numerous but there are two sides of the story.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, the link you shared is not working :(

C.J. Smith said...

Try these: and

Squiggles said...

Thank you!

And I am glad they acknowledge the issue. However, with the word play, are they going to be doing something to prevent such a lapse in the future?

Anonymous said...

@Chris P. Bacon

FYI, Of coarse they do. They don't want the bad publicity. That's it, that's all.

Chris P. Bacon said...

I agree Go Transit is in damage control mode avoiding more damaging publicity via ThisCrazyTrain.

Anonymous said...

take responsibility for yourself! regarless if you are handicap or not. Wait by the bus stop just like any other responsible person would and don't expect others to make sure YOU get on the bus.
Don't blame the poor driver!!!!

Anonymous said...

#1 .. while she admitted that she taked to a CSR before the bus arrived .. she should have asked that the CSR communicate to bus operations that she would be riding on the next south bound bus and that she needs assistance boarding.
2# she obviously had help to get her "very large/heavy" baggage to the shelter, why couldn't they wait to help her load it on the bus
#2.5 if its too heavy for you to lift or to maneuver .. why would YOU expect the driver to handle it? Its not like the driver needs to get injured .
#3 I don't see TTC drivers, yrt, Barrie, or any other drivers helping load large oversized baggage on their buses ... everyone expects the GO driver to smile and say "no problem" when they show up and lift that heavy oversized baggage ...FOR FREE ... even though you would pay extra handling fees if it were checked on an airliner
#4 what about that poor driver lifting that heavy bag? Its quite possible that the driver could get injured lifting such large articles
#5 if she was watching the bus pull up, why didn't she just go to the proper stop and tell the driver she needed assistance
#6 share responsibility ... she was just as much at fault .. yes the driver could have been more vigilante, but she could have handled it differently

C.J. Smith said...

^ Very, very defensive argument. Feeling guilty? Just a smidge...

Anonymous said...

Omg. Most of you are so ignorant!!! READ their outline online about accessibility and how to plan a trip if you require assistance. Its not rocket science people. Stop blaming GO Transit/any other company for your lack of intelligence!!! You people will look for anything to bitch about. Its pathetic!!!!! Grow up!!!!!

Anonymous said...

^^ .. NO ... no guilt at all .. just some observations while riding buses for the last 22 years .. give or take. .. my my ... ur quick to judge ..but that's usually the case .. bias people are quick to lay blame on others.
Why is it I NEVER see u post POSITIVE observations on ur site? U dont give credit when its deserved, lots of hard working individuals in the transit industry, but u sure do bash GO without hesitation ...Hummm makes me wonder.
Who r u to belittle the driver without even asking to get their side of the story, once again u just trash n bash .. without any facts ..
I know who the driver was .. a regular driver on this specific trip and is the most wonderful, helpful individual and always cares about passengers, their safety and making sure everyone gets to where they r going.
For all we know, this specific person was late getting to the stop and missed her bus, fabricated a story to get sympathy and a free ride .. yea this happenes a lot in the GO transit system .. I have seen this in person many times.
Bloggers only think that they r doing justice for all, but in reality its just justice for 1 (themselves), the rest is just non-factional trash talk.
Do urself the favor and get the story from bith sides before knocking an individual for doing nothing wrong.

C.J. Smith said...

^ The hell you talking about?
You've spent no time on my site because you've missed EVERY SINGLE glorious post about bus drivers, CSAs, on site personnel and most of all, the security team.

Where did I belittle the driver in this case, please quote? You're in attack mode without any merit. Not cool.

The bus driver is free to contact me and give his side - anonymous of course. I am more than open to it and always am.


C.J. Smith said...

Wait ... so this WAS personal. Thanks for confirming.

I'm sure the bus driver appreciates you sticking up for him. GO Transit could have stepped up and issued a statement for me to publish - you may want to pass that along to the driver who can pass it along to his supervisor who can pass it along to his union rep.

I never claimed to know any details. You need to speak with Tara.

Have a great rest of your Sunday.

TjR said...

C.J. didn't belittle the driver. If the story is/was true, the driver's excuse would have to be pretty incredible - point #1. That was clear.

The CSR on the phone - point #2. Those calls are recorded. So something had to ring true on this story somewhere.

Point #3 about a statement? GO Transit relied solely on Twitter to make it right knowing full well the video was posted on this website and despite saying the matter was investigated and resolved, did not provide any statement for the "media" to publish.

If everything you wrote is true about the driver's side, you need to confront Tara.

C.J. Smith said...

Agreed. The driver deserves a voice. Unfortunately, I can't make that happen.

Anonymous said...


That will never happen. When, it comes to Go Transit/Metrolinx employees are guilty until proven innocent. Even if they are found innocent, the complaint never goes away. This sad but true.

C.J. Smith said...

There's no dispute process? Why not write that into the contract? In fact, why wasn't this addressed in the last round of talks?

Ali Gator said...

Hey, Anonymous, did you read my series "Meet the Deckers"? It was totally in support of the drivers. The crap they have to endure because of bad management and political decisions is incredible.

Three or four years ago there was a Bus Ops bulletin stating drivers had to assist with baggage (like Coach Canada, Megabus, etc.). Was that bulletin rescinded?

The yellow notice on MCI cargo bay doors states that only authorized GO Transit personnel are allowed to open/close them. Was the bus in question an MCI or a DD? I don't know.

You are correct about the risk of injury from overweight luggage. I've seen three of the drivers on my route with severe back problems. The ailments were not the result of handling cargo, but I believe all those suitcases and strollers didn't help either.

I'm aware of only one (Greyhound) driver whose career was cut short due to a luggage related accident. That's one driver too many.

Peter said...

re: "guilty until proven innocent"

C'mon, Anonymous, supervisors "deflect" many CIT's and employees never hear of the issues raised by passengers.

What is sad is that the CIT escalation process operates very quickly, but commendations are slow to be shared with the employees who earned them.

Anonymous said...


That's not true. CIT's do in fact stay in their files. Yes the supervisor answers them. But they do stay in the file. Good or bad so they can haul them out at anytime to use against the driver. If your liked by the brass, you will never see the CIT. But if you have a thought in your head, your punished. They don't want people to know the job, they only want people who are willing to push the buttons. Keep quiet and smile. The only truth of what you said was about commendations they very slow, if ever to reach the driver.

Peter said...

I never said the CIT's don't stay in the employees' files. Unless employees check their files, they may not know about a CIT, because the supervisor has dealt with the matter.

My statements are based on conversations with the drivers on my route, who are well trained, excel at their jobs, and are not afraid to voice their opinions.

I don't where you get your information from, but I'm done with your negative tripe. This is my last statement on these matters.

Over and Out.

lexa said...

I'm a disabled GO rider (no mobility problems at all). I really feel for people who have mobility problems. It is so hard to get around. GO doesn't provide much support at all. No screens with the stops for Deaf riders. No enforcement of disabled parking at stations. No help guiding blind riders off the trains. Lack of priority seating. Lack of sidewalks at stations. Lack of safe walking spaces in general. Etc. Etc. There's so much that needs to be improved with the GO.