Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Passenger seeking witnesses to hit and run incident at Erindale GO Station

Krystle returned to her car last night only to discover someone had damaged her vehicle and left the scene.

Krystle contacted GO Transit who informed her they will not share any security footage that may have captured this incident with her.

She has contacted Peel Regional Police.

Krystle believes the color of the vehicle that damaged her car is white based on paint residue left behind. The incident would have happened between  8 am and 6 pm. Her vehicle was parked on Level 4, Row 4B, in the southeast area, close to the exit ramp, of the multi-level parking garage

If anyone has any information please call 416-912-5144.


Nora1968 said...

She has had my sympathy. I had this happen several years ago at Oshawa GO. I had parked perfectly within my space, but some idiot had managed to take my front bumper off in almost exactly the same manner as was done to Krystle's car. I too called the police and although they came and filed a report, they couldn't do anything without some information as to the culprit.

At that time, the issue of security footage didn't come up. I would assume that GO will not release said footage to Krystle herself but I assume that, if it exists, it would be subject to being handed over to the police if they proceed with an investigation.

Either way, she's looking at around $2500 worth of repairs and that sucks. If she goes through her insurance, they'll waive the deductible IF she has reported the incident to police and gotten a police report issued within 24 hours (been there done that)...BUT there is no guarantee that her rates won't go up next year, notwithstanding that none of this is her fault.

I hope the cops proceed and find the person who hit her - people like this are the lowest of the low.

Warren Downe said...

GO Transit washes their hands of these matters in their Passenger Charter, wherein they state there is only a "sense of security" in their parking lots.

Not GOod enough, IMO, and certainly not becoming of APTA Outstanding Public Transportation System Achievement Award winner.

George said...

My daughter had her car sideswiped in the Whitby lot last year. 3k damages because it actually bent the door and the hinges.
GO Enforcement and the police got the footage and caught the culprit in a week.
Turns out it was the daughter of the car owner who borrowed it without asking and she did not have a full license, it was one of those that you have to have a licensed driver in the car with you. She was alone.
I give full credit to GO enforcement for the professional way it was handled and the speed at which they acted. No hand washing in our case.
I wonder what her father said when he found out? So many questions there.

Krystle said...

Thank you for the replies! I've been in touch with Peel Police and the police who is handling my case has contacted the Go Transit to verify if there's any footage of the incident. The police has been more sympathetic to my situation since the damaged and financial impact to repair my car is not minor to an average citizen. And of course, the signal this sends to society that 'it's not ok to hit another car and not take responsibility for it'. I'm just hoping and praying that the Go Transit will perform their diligent review of the video recordings to identify the car license/culprit of this unfortunate event. Wish me luck!

Anonymous said...

It happened twice to me at Bramalea and the police and GO Transit did nothing.

Anonymous said...

This happened to me in Milton on a weekend when the parking lot was almost empty (go figure).

The insurance company cannot legally decrease her driver rating as a result of this. It is considered 100% "not at fault" which means her premiums cannot increase as a result (aside from a general increase in rates), however, I'm sure her insurance company will be very interested in finding out who did it so that they can at least get the deductible back.

Further, the person that did this needs to be found and charged with Hit and Run.

Bicky said...

Sadly, since this happened in a parking lot, charges are not likely to be laid, as it's considered private property.

I was hit in a parking lot at a grocery store and the guy had no valid licence or insurance. Cop told me he couldn't be charged as it happened on private property. Thankfully he owned up to it with his insurance company and it didn't cost me anything.