Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Butt hurt - literally

from:Jaysin McCarthy
date:Wed, Jul 8, 2015 at 10:22 AM
subject:Smoking at Oshawa GO station

I am writing to you because I think you need to change how you view smoking and people who CHOOSE to smoke. Do I tell you not to drink? 
When I wait for the bus, that is my opportunity to ENJOY a cigarette. I don't take a GO bus home from Oshawa. I take a Durham Transit bus which leaves me three minutes after my train arrives so my chance to smoke is very limited so yes, I do light up when I get off the train and why??? Because I am OUTSIDE. And I smoke while I walk to the bus. Why??? Because I am OUTSIDE.

I don't get why you think the ATMOSPHERE should be policed. What about the bus fumes? The car exhaust? The pollution from the GM factory behind the station and the toxins coming from Geraud Steel just over from Thickson Road??? You really think my one cigarette is going to KILL you??? Get real, lady...

Then, the ultimate insult was GO put in the tiny smoking area right behind the bus shelter near those trailers for the bus drivers. Really??? I am not a cow. I don't need to be in a pen. I have told smokers who actually stand in that stupid rectangle to fight back. As far as I'm concerned if we're outside, we can smoke where we want. It is ridiculous to tell people they can't smoke while they wait for a bus. I pay taxes. I live in a free country. My rights aren't any less than your rights.

So, in closing, you can take your little Twitter rants and your blog articles and you can print them out and give them to me, because I would be happy to smoke them.

You're lucky no one has actually gotten physical with you as you go on your tirades about what I can do with my life or body. Like I said, I don't stop you from drinking. So please stop telling me I can't smoke.


from:Cindy (Cj) Smith
to:Jaysin McCarthy
cc:Bill Grodzinski
Paula Edwards
GO Transit Customer Relations
Anne Marie Aikins
Greg Percy
date:Wed, Jul 8, 2015 at 10:29 AM
subject:Re: Smoking at Oshawa GO station

Dear Mr. McCarthy,

Thank you for your email. As you can see, I have cc'd some key management people at GO Transit and Metrolinx in my reply as I feel your email was sent to me in error.

These people would be better at being able to assist you in helping you understand GO Transit's by-laws, why they are in place and the reason for their enforcement, or, they can at least forward your email to a person who can walk you through the Smoke Free Ontario Act.

Have a great day,


April said...

It always boggles my mind that people can't grasp that while they may be OUTSIDE they are still on PRIVATE PROPERTY and are bound by the rules, regulations and by-laws put in place on that PRIVATE PROPERTY. If they would rather walk up to Bloor or out to the sidewalk on Thornton, then they would truly be OUTSIDE and on PUBLIC PROPERTY and can smoke at their leisure.

C.J. Smith said...

And thus, is what Jaysin's tiny little brain cannot grasp.

Valentino Assenza said...

Ho snap! LOL!

Nice one Cindy.

This is an example of one of many brilliant reasons why CJ will be on my radio show HOWL next Tuesday night from 10pm -11pm on CIUT 89.5FM.

Please tune in to hear the other good, bad, and ugly from GO commuting.


C.J. Smith said...

I'm so happy and excited you asked me!

I guess I should promote that, shouldn't I?

Squiggles said...

Hee! This person (I refuse to use the asinine spelling of a perfectly cromulent name) is the epitome of a self-centred, self-important, entitled smoker.

Honey, you are the reason why the laws had to be put into place. It is people like you - who won't admit to being hopelessly addicted - that put other people in the hospital because of asthma attacks. The people with asthma didn't choose to have asthma. But you could choose to not be a jackass and respect the laws.

Besides, who wants to sit next to a walking ashtray? The odd time I have been in the office for the last two weeks, I opted to drive opposed to being in a confined space with one of those.

Anonymous said...

He is so stupid he doesn't realize the idiocy of saying "i don't stop you from drinking".....well dude, if you do that in the "OUTSIDE" you can be charged for that too.

Error said...

The threat at the bottom of that email bothers me. Because someone objects to being subjected to second-hand smoke, in an area where there shouldn't be someone smoking, it is justifiable that she be physically dealt with?
You can go smoke as much as you want until you're hospitalized from the effects spending your last days with a machine that breathes for you because your lungs no longer work. That's your right.
But you cannot smoke on public transit system vehicles, on common platform areas, in public buildings, public playgrounds or within 9-metres of many public entryways.
And it's not okay to get physical with someone because you disagree - most adults without a criminal record are capable of arguing without resorting to violence. Even that kind of threat there can get you into some pretty deep shit.

Jack C. said...

Sorry, but I'm calling bullshit on his "I pay taxes" claim. I want to see a tax return.

Anonymous said...

There's no reasoning with a zealot Jaysin.