Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The fight for a LRT in Brampton - have you been following this drama?

On Wednesday, Brampton City Council will decide whether or not to accept the province’s proposed route for a $1.6 billion LRT that Queen’s Park has committed to fund.

Those opposed to the plan, like Councillor John Sprovieri, want a different route.

They say almost half the proposed Brampton route cannot support an LRT and will only…

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Error said...

Brampton's transit system is laughable. The people who take Brampton Transit are largely the ones without cars. Most with cars don't use Brampton Transit because the system won't get you around very efficiently.
The route the proposed LRT takes through Brampton has great potential, and parts of it are lovely, as seen through windows as people drive by. This won't destroy the area and if I can get my family down to the lake on one efficient line, I'll be happy to sign up.
Linda Jeffrey is right on this one - you don't progress by not changing.