Thursday, March 10, 2016

Transit planning should be left up to the experts

New transit plan is as good as we're going to get: James

If David Miller had returned as mayor in 2010 instead of quitting after two terms, LRTs would be running along Finch West and Eglinton East and Sheppard East up to Malvern – plus light rail lines coming soon to Jane St. and Don Mills Rd.

If Premier Mike Harris had not killed the Eglinton Subway, westward…

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Ed said...

If my aunt had balls she'd be my uncle.

This is a perfect demonstration of why transit planning should be taken way from the incompetent self-serving assholes on the city council and especially the mayor.

If they had a planning committee that did not answer to any current poohbahs (I love that word!) and made decisions according to common sense rather than ignorant ideas, the city would get a lot more done and not waste precious cash. Miller, Ford and now Tory have their own ideas all of which were stupid and based on personal wants.

Nothing long range can never ever get done as long as the current mayor has any say int he matter.