Monday, March 14, 2016

When our CSAs come under attack, we must fight back

I'd like to share these emails written after I was alerted by readers about public apologies made over the P.A. system last week; and a comment made to me about another CSA.

from:Cindy (Cj) Smith 
to:Metrolinx Public Relations
date:Fri, Mar 11, 2016 at 7:38 AM
subject:Fwd: CSA Katelyn - 4:20 Union-Georgetown

Below is an email regarding Katelyn who coincidentally in the fall was commended by another passenger for her stellar customer service to which Mr. Bachant replied to the GO customer directly via email thanking him for his letter. And then we have this situation as noted in the email below.
Last night I was also informed that the CSA on the Kitchener train made a public announcement to passengers apologizing for her monotone delivery after a customer complained she wasn't engaging enough.
Katelyn also made an announcement apologizing.
This is simply ridiculous. GO Transit CSAs are an extremely helpful and professional group of men and women. I am appalled to learn public apologies are being made. One is too cheerful and one is not cheerful enough? Quite a contradiction!
Passengers on the Georgetown line were outraged and told me so via text message.
I have noticed that on the Lakeshore line the announcements aren't as witty or engaging.  And I was also told that a passenger complained about one CSA on the Lakeshore East wishing a happy international women's day to passengers earlier in the week.
Are we to expect no more cheeriness from our ambassadors? Why call them ambassadors then?
This all seems a little ridiculous and unbecoming of the agency.

Cindy Smith
date:Thu, Mar 10, 2016 at 7:54 PM
subject:CSA Katelyn - 4:20 Union-Georgetown

Good Evening Raymond / Greg

I am a long time GO Train rider and have been riding the same train for past 14 years. Recently Katelyn (CSA) took over the CSA duties and is definitely a welcome change. Her witty announcements always left all of us with a smile on our face after long day of work. I was shocked when today she came on PA and apologized for her announcements. I know as Canadians we are conservative people almost approaching boring and bland. But this is extreme.

Shutting some one down just because she broke the normal bland way of making her announcements is just ridiculous. I have copied CJ Smith on this email and will also be asking her to post this email on her blog and I am sure there will be many more passengers that feel just like I do.

I guarantee you that if you received one complaint (this person must not love their life) there will be hundreds more that absolutely love hearing her voice that exudes positivity.

Please convey my personal thanks to Ms. Katelyn in making end our work day a bit more pleasant and urge you to let her be herself. It reflects positively on your organization.

Thank You

from:Metrolinx Public Relations
to:"Cindy (Cj) Smith"
date:Fri, Mar 11, 2016 at 7:53 AM
subject:Re: CSA Katelyn - 4:20 Union-Georgetown

Thank you for sharing this CJ! I've sent to along to our team responsible for Customer Care. 

From: GO Transit Customer Relations
Date: Fri, Mar 11, 2016 at 9:46 AM -0800
Subject: EM0119003602
To: IK

Thank you for your recent email to Greg Percy, President of GO Transit. Please allow me to respond on his behalf.
First and foremost, thank you being a loyal customer of 14 years.  Your loyalty is truly appreciated.
I appreciate your feedback about Katelyn.  I am happy to hear that she goes above and beyond to provide an enjoyable experience for our customers. It will be my pleasure to share your kind words with Katelyn as well as her Supervisor so she can be commended for her commitment to providing excellent customer service.
We will also follow-up with her direct Supervisor to determine what may have caused her to feel the need to apologize for her announcements.
Thank you again for sharing this with me and for allowing me the opportunity to address it.


Ed said...

Too bad none of the complainers about her have to apologize for being assholes.

Rory said...

I worked the customer service desk for a major retailer for 6 years and learned very quickly that there are certain people who love to complain about anything and everything, no matter how trivial. I wounder if GO got a BS complaint from some miserable screwball about the announcements and overreacted by making the CSA apologize. If that is the case then the supervisor for that route needs a lesson in how to separate the frivolous complaints from the legitimate ones and how to handle them each accordingly.