Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Oh look! A person with a cane struggling to open a door is inviting us all through - hurry up!

You know how Union Station has that big ramp area that goes up to a bank of doors, of which there are nine?

I made my way gingerly up the ramp, summoned up more strength to push open ONE FUCKING DOOR when all of a sudden, I had a line of people behind me impatiently waiting to follow me out.


I literally threw a temper tantrum. Cane was flailing. I was yelling. No one was safe.

I am totally renting a mobility scooter. It's time to start mowing people down.


Unknown said...

I get it. I have seen similar where a little old person with a walker has that line up behind him/her. Why can't someone scoot ahead and open the damn door for that person?

Same with you. Obviously, people have eyes and can see. If you don't want to be a human being, that's fine. Go to a different door. But helping someone out by holding a door open will not transfer door cooties to you. But then again, I see normal able-bodied people unable to open a freaking door because of door cooties.

Sheesh. Get the scooter. Maybe if you knock them around a few times they will realise that they are not that special.

G said...

I have two door-related pet peeves: (1) when you're following someone through a door that's closing and rather than opening it and holding it for you, they just scoot through and let the door slam in your face; and (2) when someone pushes the automatic door opener when they don't need it--especially in the winter, so the door remains open for a full minute while all the hot air inside the building rushes out.

Unknown said...

This is Toronto CJ - Hurry Up!

TT said...

If you get a scooter, just make sure it's green.

Nahid said...

I'm the person who always gives the people waiting in line a dirty look and then goes past them to open another door. I don't understand why people are so lazy with opening doors.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

People are way too entitled theses days.
And no sense of boundaries or semblance of discernment and discrepancy.

You should read about how tourists are behaving in the (U.S.) national parks and how they're doing the same by them as they are by pretty much everything else.

deepfish said...

I have NEVER been in any city in Asia or the Americas where there exists so distinct and widespread an apparent aversion to actually opening your own goddamn door. Its like people here have had their arms amputated below the elbow. They are super practiced at the slide and pivot move that has them safely through a door without actually, you know, making any effort.
Door sucks.
I had someone once wait, tapping their foot, on the other side of a bank of doors, while I struggled to get a twin stroller through - waited impatiently rather than OPEN THEIR OWN DOOR.
I train my 5th graders that, when a line is going through an automatically shutting door EVERYONE has to place a hand while passing to keep th edoor open.
Kids who don't get called out and "golf clapped".