Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Can we just take a minute and appreciate that commuter trains in Korea not only have cupholders but they come with a weight limit, too?


deepfish said...

From what I recall (20 years ago) commuter trains and subways in Seoul mostly have plush benches facing each other across a wide central aisle - so no foot riders.
Their equivalent of GO Trains meet up with the subway at multiple points. A few of them even start out as subways.
One difference I noticed in their transit stations: a higher class of passed-out drunks (maybe that's why the cup holders are so big?). When out drinking with the boys, if one or more become too inebriated to carry on or go home, the habit was to drop them off at the nearest train/subway station to sleep it off. They'd be in out of the rain and away from most threats.
In the early AM you'd have a carpet of Armani and Hugo Boss suited drunks to step over...

Unknown said...

After using transit systems throughout Europe (4 different cities) I have to say we are truly lacking. Why can these cities manage such great systems?! However... they are lacking in accessibility for persons with a disability. But the ease of getting around Paris, London, Brussels and Berlin is amazing!