Thursday, June 9, 2016

Today I learned that if GO Transit cancels a morning train, it takes 3 trains to make up for it - so says anonymous person

I got schooled quite rudely in a phone call someone dialed from a number that when I called it back, after the person hung up on me, connected me to an automated message from a Bell payphone.

The woman was irate about a tweet I posted this morning. I tweeted: "728 from Oshawa also an all stops train. Why are 2 express trains compromised because of 1 train issue?"

This was not a stupid or rude, or an ignorant question, but according to the person on the line, I was stupid to ask it.

Person: One train holds, what? Like, 1200 passengers. If one train has already 600 passengers on it and it's going to be full by Union, how are 1200 passengers to get on it... so it will take three trains to be all ready to pick up all the people who can't take one train. Don't be so ignorant. You present yourself as this expert when you're stupid. Get your facts straight first before you run your mouth spreading false information. *click

Well, let's see random person, if GO would be more transparent about their logistics, none of us would ask any questions. Would we?

Thanks for the phone call. And from a payphone no less...


Outburst said...

The Brampton train problem yesterday was a disaster, and it didn't have to be. More and more I feel like the entire system is too big for one organization to manage.
I don't know what the solution is, but their communications and backup planning is awful.
Staff seemed to tell everyone affected by the Brampton problem yesterday to take the UP Express or a bus from Yorkdale, which couldn't handle the additional influx.

Anonymous said...

thats some pretty amazing go transit employee vigilantism right there

C.J. Smith said...

*ties on cape
*flees office
*inserts 20 quarters into payphone
*calls the blogger
*hangs up
*strolls back to the office

Bicky said...

1200? More like 2000.

Communication over the last couple of days when dealing with these issues (LSE on Tuesday, Kitchener line yesterday, this morning's gong show) seems very inconsistent. Makes me think their backup plans are "fly by the seat of your pants and hope no one notices".

It's days like this, I'm glad I'm on a train at stupid o'clock.

And if I have to go through 4 (FOUR!!!!) screens of selecting pictures to prove I'm not an effing robot one more time, reCAPTCHA can suck it. That's beyond ridiculous.

C.J. Smith said...

That's because I turned off Gmail login and opened up commenting to all.

I've got strong spam/troll filters enabled. You can do what everyone else does and don't even bother commenting. Don't bother me none.

C.J. Smith said...

ps. If you sign into Chrome/Google, you won't get that captcha. You'll just get a box that you tick that says "prove I'm not a robot".

Bicky said...

Not just this site. When I load my Timmy's card online I go through the same thing. *sigh*

Unknown said...

I was on the first Wednesday GO train held by the pedestrian that was hit by the freight. We were initially told we would go as far as Bramalea and then that we would hold at Malton. Malton is about the worst station to be held at because the traffic around there is awful. after about 15 minutes the CSA told us we would be moving to Bramalea and holding there when the alarm went off; a woman had collapsed so we has to hold for an ambulance.

After the EMS removed the lady we proceeded to Bramalea where there were some GO and Brampton transit buses to shuttle us. The guy beside me said forget that he was going to take the Steeles bus to Brampton gateway and catch another bus. Seeing the lineups for the shuttles I decided to do the same. We crossed the street, hopped on a #11 Steeles and flew to the terminal. Those Queue skipping lanes sure helped. At the terminal I caught the express bus up to the downtown GO station and was home 25 minutes after I got off the train and that includes an 8 minute walk.

It was an inconvenience but not as big as for the guy who got hit. The CSA was super and did everything to keep us informed, let passengers use her cellphone, showed people where to catch the bus. I can't say enough about her calmness. I hope some one at GO reads this and lets her know.