Friday, June 2, 2017

Had the most amazing train ride home last night...

It started with garlic and ended with the Walking Dead.

I was late for the train and wound up wedging myself in a quad with three other people intent on carrying their life's possessions to and from work. Bags! Bags everywhere! The woman across from me had a bag for her lunch, a bag for her shoes, a bag for her wallet, a bag for her keys, a bag for her make-up - Jesus, buy a suitcase and be done with it. She made a big production of moving all these bags for me to have a place to put my feet. Lots of sighing. Really? I pay my fare. You're the inconvenience, girly, not I.

Once I was settled in, my nostrils began burning. The woman beside me had obviously been to a garlic festival. It was bad. Really bad. She yawned. Three times. My esophagus closed up. I couldn't breathe through my nose or my mouth. I shrunk down and yanked up my shirt up like a mask.

She and bag lady left the train at Pickering.

This left just two of us in the quad. I was wearing earbuds and the lady I was with, was not. Two other women in a quad across from me were gesturing and pointing at me. I saw this out of the corner of my eye and when I looked up, they both quickly glanced away. I didn't have any music playing at the time because my playlist had stopped, and I could hear music playing from behind me. I pulled my earbuds out, and pulled the earbuds out of the phone and tossed them onto the seat next to me. I began handling my phone in a way to demonstrate I was not listening to anything. Music was still going... and I could tell by their body language they were embarrassed they had fingered the wrong person.

At Ajax, the person seated behind me playing music loudly exited the train.

This guy comes upstairs. He sits in the quad in front of me and begins to watch an episode of the Walking Dead with no headphones and at a volume not acceptable for the Quiet Zone. All we could hear was the growling of zombies, gunshots and tires squealing. No one dared to ask him to turn it off. Instead, there was lot of exchanges of WTF? faces, eye rolling and huffing and puffing. Some guy decided to make a phone call telling whoever was on the other end how annoying the train ride is. It was hysterical. He was loud enough for everyone to hear, on purpose.

At Oshawa, as we were all exiting, some guy who was in the bathroom didn't lock the door and everyone lined up to file out were treated to a view of him fully engaged on the toilet. The woman who rolled open the door turned a deep red and jumped off the train.

It's been a long time since I've rode this crazy train.


RonNasty said...

I don't know what they put in the water out there, but my trips in west are never as eventful as yours.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

In other words: Same old bullshit!!!!
Human nature: Thoughtless, clueless, subconscious cruelty in progress....

Phynesse said...

On my LSW trip in the morning there is a guy who plays his radio/ipod whatever out loud while sitting in the QZ..I just don't understand the mentality of people sometimes..