Thursday, June 8, 2017

WIFI coming to GO trains?! It's looking like a possibility (especially for y'all too cheap to buy data - just sayin' ... )

Through an Expression of Interest (EOI) process, Metrolinx endeavors to identify a partner (includes consortiums acting as one group) to provide a fully managed turnkey Customer Wireless Internet Service (which could include partner provided content/infotainment), to all GO Transit passengers throughout their journey to enhance the customer experience.

Metrolinx is also looking for a solution that is cost neutral through a revenue generation model and supports the ability to collect data for the analytical purpose of tracking customer flow and frequency.

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Anonymous said...

I have data but signal is poor along my line.

C.J. Smith said...

Back in the day, there used to be a time when on the Lakeshore East when no one got a signal between Scarborough GO Station and Pickering.
Those of us who were being subjected to long suffering phone conversations couldn't wait to hit this stretch, so that signals would be dropped, and we'd get a few minutes peace.
In the past year, on Rogers, on a Samsung S7, I have traveled the majority of the GO corridor with nary a signal issue. It does happen, but it's rare.
I'm not a fan of free wifi. There's too many security risks.
As well, when hundreds of others are sharing it, you might as well be dealing with a bad data plan with a poor signal.

Outburst said...

The concept is a little of out of touch. Five or more years ago? Sure, most people would have jumped at this. Now, I would suspect the majority of people have their own data.
And let's not forget, public Wi-Fi is not exactly your safest option. Your information can be tracked.
Good thing we can trust Metrolinx with our information so much, right? Wrong.

Anonymous said...


gmcnewlook said...

I'll believe it when I see it, didn't go want to do this a few years ago? They talked about it, but nothing came of it.........

Ed said...

This won't be a metrolinx initiative. If someone else won't pay for it, no WiFi on trains and buses. Just like TD pays for, owns and maintains the equipment at Union.

MX will simply supply space for them. No worries about privacy issues from metrolinx and no support either.

I'll wager it'll be spotty with slow speeds too. Moving vehicles seem to have that problem.

Anonymous said...

Makes sense, since METROLINX can't even get functioning water fountains on trains.