Wednesday, July 26, 2017

In case you missed it ... Metrolinx rebranding will cost $250,000


Unknown said...

Well, that explains the fare increase.

I also doubt that the fare paying public doesn't know that Metrolinx does - except piss away money on telling people what it does.

Definitely a government organization.

Anonymous said...

This is just a complete waste of money. They are already paying Anne Marie Aikins, a media spokesperson, $126000 a year ( to talk to the media about Metrolinx.

All they have to do is ask Anne Marie to spend some time doing office hours explaining to the different news channels and newspapers Metrolinx's business plan and areas of responsibility.

Plus the Metrolinx business plan is already posted on the Metrolinx website, as are recordings of all board meetings.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they'll use some of that money towards fixing LAKE UNION leading to the GO entrance stairs at Fro t and Bay Sts. EVERY time it rains.

Anonymous said...

Serious question, Why does it matter if anyone knows what Metrolinx does? What's wrong with working behind the scenes to make transit work?

I flush my toilet and know it goes somewhere, I don't need a $250k campaign to brand my local water/hydro company.

C.J. Smith said...