Thursday, August 3, 2017

Potential disaster avoided on Kitchener line after citizen calls 911 to report a forklift on the tracks

A frantic 911 call to report a forklift on the tracks near Guelph last night helped avoid what could have been a derailment, according to Metrolinx.

A GO train, en route to Kitchener, with about 1800 passengers on board was safely stopped 200 metres away from the forklift which is believed to have rolled onto the tracks from a nearby construction site. There was no one on the forklift at the time and the incident is being investigated.

It took 15 minutes to remove the forklift.

Metrolinx says it takes a GO train up to 1 km of distance to come to a complete stop. The actions of the person who called 911 most likely prevented a derailment.

- With sources from Twitter, Newtalk 1010 and Metrolinx

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Linda said...

Oh my God! Didn't heard the news before but came to know about it from your blog. That was close call but thanks God that everyone is safe and disaster was averted by perfect reporting.