Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Rumblings from the NIMBYS in my Courtice neighbourhood about the GO train expansion. I WILL FIGHT YOU ALL IF YOU SCREW THIS UP.

I belong to a few private Facebook groups for the community I am in, and the communities I am next to. Everybody's bitching about how the Courtice and Bowmanville stations will bring more traffic congestion and noise to the area. And there's been some rumblings about train horns. These people seem to forget that the train tracks were in the area long before there were homes. Don't like it? Please move.

These people are high.

We already have traffic congestion. Public transit infrastructure can actually improve an area as it requires roads to be improved, or re-built. One only needs to look at Milton to see what a GO station can do to a community.

We can't keep driving out of east Durham. We need a GO train. Oshawa is over capacity. I will make it my mission to fight anyone that does anything, protests, or complains in a way that stalls this development. I didn't stay in Durham so I wouldn't get the GO train I was promised 15 years ago. I would have been long gone by now.


Nora1968 said...

I am 100% on board with your point of view on this, Cindy (as I'm sure you can imagine) and will gladly join forces with you against those who are self-centered enough to whine about what they perceive as the down side of what will, in fact, benefit everyone, in the form of improved property values, amenities and infrastructure improvements (to say nothing of making life just a BIT easier for the many of us who, in order to pay our bills, need to schlep westward every morning).

G said...

I'm surprised nobody has commented on this. This sort of thing drives me nuts; it's no different than people who buy a house near the airport and then complain about the noise. Or people who buy a house near the town dump and then complain about the smell.

Unknown said...

I can actually see both sides of this. 1) Yes, the tracks were there first and they are not actually complaining about the tracks.

2) I believe they are complaining about the increased noise and traffic on said tracks.

If it is #2, then I can understand the complaining because it is a change from the circumstances they bought their place.

If it is #1 then I have no words. Those people are just being a pain in the ass.

In all, those who do not like it will most likely put up and shut up or move.

Anonymous said...

^ I don't think it's appropriate to assume that track volumes won't change over time....Canada is growing, not shrinking.