Friday, September 22, 2017

Sometimes, you just can't win

I've been suffering with osteoarthritis in both knees for just over a year now. I just learned it's now present in my right hip. I went to the doc complaining of pain, thinking it was something muscular, and learned it's moderate but manageable with exercise and strengthening.

This news has bummed me out. I'm super sick and tired of being in constant discomfort or experiencing pain. The only time I feel pain-free is after a bike ride, where for about 20 minutes, I am 25 years old again.

Life just isn't fair, is it?


deepfish said...

Hey. Look back on the road that you have whipped. Its an incredible view. Tomorrow's road hasn't got a chance.

Anonymous said...

Nicely said deepfish!

Hang in there, C.J. I've suffered from OA pain and decreased mobility for years because of a GP who didn't get it (oh, the arrogance of youth!). This past spring I tore the meniscus in my right knee and finally got sent to physio. What a difference it's made! I just laughed when the physiotherapist said I'd be doing squats, but guess what? Not only am I doing squats, but it doesn't even hurt (much) to do them anymore. And I'm able to do so much more than I was a couple of months ago with much less pain.

Exercise and strengthening really are the key, both to manage the OA you have, and prevent OA damage to your other joints. Well, that and a good, stiff drink!

Ed said...

I've been suffering from OA in my left hip and right knee for about 5 years. I exercise by tenpin bowling. Squats and thrusts, pizza and beer. Ever since I increased my participation, aside from stiffness the pain has largely gone away. On my vacation I walked over cobblestone streets for about 15km a day uphill and downhill with no serious pain. Sometimes I amaze myself considering this time 18 months ago I was in a metal leg brace and struggling to walk up and down stairs.

Keep up the activities and it will get bearable without drugs. You'll see.

Unknown said...

Try knee replacement surgery. Works like A charm and you get 2 months off work.

Skin Man said...

^ knee replacement!?! Last I heard, those things last 10-15 years, then you need a new one. After that you're in a wheel chair...delay that option for as long as you can!

Unknown said...

Re: Knee Replacement

They won't even contemplate doing one until you are at least 60, because they may not last forever and OHIP won't pay for a second one.

Plus, I have been caring for someone who had one done in August. It is NOT a pleasant experience. A walker for over a month, then a cane. Physio several times a week. And if all goes well: a 3 month recovery period. On top of having to be careful because it can come loose anytime in the following ten years!

A knee replacement is a final solution but for the person I have been caring for she had her first knee surgery 30 years before and has lived with knee pain, arthritis and a bunch of other issues for 30+ years.

C.J. Smith said...

Why would I need knee replacement for osteoarthritis?

Knee replacement is a cartilage issue. And I don't need this. And probably never will.

Unknown said...

Nope. You can have one for arthritis issues as well (it is being floated to my dad for his arthritic knees).

It is a last resort and like I said, you must be at least 60 before they will contemplate it for the reasons I said above. I know watching my mom recover, I decided to do more so I can escape this outcome (unlikely) but will do my best.

Maggs said...

Yes, they do knee replacements for OA frequently. My Mom, two sisters and a brother have all had it done due to OA. Please note that my siblings were all in their late 50's when they had their surgeries. Physio has saved me from knee surgery as it strengthens the muscles around the knee. I will probably need surgery someday but for now I rely on certain exercises given to me by my therapist.

Unknown said...

Some just need sympathy.