Monday, April 19, 2010

Bag riders - your photos

So I've seem to hit a nerve with others who really hate people who place their bags on seats while a train is at the station and passengers are boarding. I agree with Matt that there's no harm in the practice once the train is moving and everyone is seated, but to do this while people are getting on the train is just rude.

Marly writes that she's irritated it's always people who put their bags on the seats near the window forcing her to ask people to move their belongings.

Snapped on the Barrie train

Snapped on the Milton train


RonNasty said...

I like the idea of posting pictures. It kinda reminds me of how some places have tried to deter prostitution: take photos of the Johns.

Anonymous said...

i still think it's an invasion of privacy no matter what she thinks. it's retarded.

it's whitby, bitch said...

You need to move on. Why are you reading if you think this is "retarded"? What are you, 10?

Matt said...

It's public transportation. Cameras are allowed. Technically you shouldn't be snapping photos of people themselves. Notice how she never includes faces? And if she does, she censors the eyes etc? She's being respectful enough. And if anything she only photographs the rude/stupid on the trains.

Think of her as paparazzi. Only instead of stalking the rich and famous, she's bugging the rule-breakers and obnoxious in general.

Anonymous said...

Matt is wise.