Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Guest Post. Doors

by Jeff H.

So it's last calls for the doors at Stouffville and this woman books it only to get her purse caught in the doors. You can see her purse on the outside and the straps on the inside but the doors are tightly shut and I guess the sensor couldn't pick up on it.

In a panic, and also a really dumb move, she tugs and tugs until her strap broke (this despite me trying to be all Superman-like and pry the doors open for her) and boom! her purse falls to the ground.

Again, in a panic, she slaps the emergency strip thinking the train will come to a screeching stop but of course, that's not what happens and as we keep moving she's now in hysterics. I'm thinking: Wow! Lady, get a grip. Surely even if it's a pain, the contents can be replaced!

Long story short we get to Markham and the Go guy shows up and she leaps off the train saying she has to get a taxi and get her bag.

That was way too much drama over a purse. Maybe it's because I'm a guy but it was really over the top.


C.J. Smith said...

If she had her diamond wedding band in her purse, I can understand the panic.

Camilla said...

Us women carry our Life in that purse, the wallet andit's contents is just the beginning!

Nancy said...

How about people who get their backpacks caught in the doors. I tore a rotator cuff that way once on a TTC door. There's no point in rushing the doors. Reap the consequences is all I say. I learned the hard way.

RonNasty said...

Why didn't anybody grab the axe and start working over the door?

noit a dirty turnip said...

LOL @ RonNasty.