Friday, April 23, 2010

Shout Out

Julie sent this in to me tonight.

I don't read the T.O. Night evening newspaper, although I do get hollered at a lot by their newsies every night as I make my way to Union Station, but there's this section called "Shout Outs" and it mostly contains emails from TTC and GO Train commuters slamming other passengers.

Apparently the submission highlighted in red caught Julie's ire. She writes, "If the 2-hour ride we all do everyday was free then sure, we should all just smile and suck it up, but I pay $272.50 for a monthly pass, which is twelve dollars more than my car payment, meaning I pay $522.50 a month just to bust my ass to make it to work. So Mr. Cheer here needs to realize when you're dropping that kind of dough it's perfectly acceptable for GO Transit passengers to expect some civility and common courtesy. Most of us have stressful jobs and can't retreat to the private comfort of a car after work, so we're forced to relax in the company of strangers. To ask people to be quiet and not laugh and carry on like it's $2 drink night at some college bar is perfectly reasonable."

You know what? Julie's point is the very reason why I started this blog. Most of us logistically can't drive into work each day and many of us don't want to due to parking and fuel costs, as well as doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint, so we do have to share space with others in this effort.

All I ever want is a nice quiet ride in and home without feeling shoved into my seat because the guy next to me wants to stretch out sideways or cramped due to someone's three purses and added lunch bag forcing me to bend my legs inwards for the next 50 minutes.

It's a reasonable request. Get your feet off the seats. Keep your voice down. Learn to carry one bag. Keep your purse to yourself. Listen to your iPod at a reasonable volume. Don't snap your gum. Don't eat Cinnabons right at the dinner hour sending others into a carb-crazy Cookie Monster ravenous hunger. Don't tell everyone your life story at a volume that could be heard from space. Don't rest your hands on the back of the headrest so that your knuckles dig into my scalp. Don't fart. Don't cough into people's faces and we'll get along just fine.



noit a dirty turnip said...

The Shout Outs are the only reason why I even take a paper. Then I discovered this blog. It's the best of both worlds!!!

Jenn Jilks said...

In fact, all of these points are simply good manners, which have gone by the wayside. I remember when I didn't have to listen to people yelling on their phone in a small space, or even in public. I remember when 'please', 'thank you', 'you're welcome', and 'yes', were more common than 'no problem', 'whatever', 'like', or 'Yeah'.
...When you didn't have to teach people how to treat you.

Vince said...

I ride on the Barrie line. I TOTALLY disagree with your statement. I pay just as much as Julie and more so because my car payment runs me $419 a month but it would be crazy of me to drive from Bradford to downtown Toronto each day because I'd lose my mind. But I have a group of people on my train whose company I enjoy and has laughing and joking around is how WE UNWIND.

I would suggest that you, Mrs. Smith, make some friends on the train and learn how to relax in the company of strangers instead of expecting everyone to be quiet. For a lot of people this is the time when they can make those personal calls and because they pay just as much as you and Julie, they are ENTITLED to do what they want.

As for bags and people who put their feet on seats. There are no rules and bylaws printed on the tickets and passes nor is there any kind of enforcement for this and again, the key is for most people and like you said, is to RELAX.

For as much as there are people who agree with you it's only because they are blinded by the guise of common courtesy which works well in movie theatres and places where ATTENTION is needed. GO passengers don't need to pay attention to anything and life is too short so I have to suggest that those who can't adapt to today's society retreat back to their cars. We all have to learn to get along.

C.J. Smith said...

Hi Vince,
Thanks for writing.
I'm all for making use of the time of the commute for time management and socializing but I don't share the same sentiments as you.

I'm respectful of other people. I'm a "please" and "thank you" kind of girl and I'm mindful of the signs that say "Keep feet off seats" that are on the train but you're too self-absorbed in your sense of entitlement to have noticed it seems.

I pay attention to the announcements where passengers are asked to kindly keep luggage and bags off seats and respect that I was politely asked to do this as a common courtesy to other PAYING passengers.

I'm sorry if being polite has become a nuisance to you. It's cool that you feel because you pay your way you can do what you want and how you want, but I don't feel that's a good reason to be a loud and obnoxious moron at the expense of others who really don't care to listen.

cassie said...

That's just the way people are today. " Tough shit if I'm annoying and loud, it's all about ME".

Thankfully I believe that 90% of GO riders understand that the train is a public place, not a private place, and respect the other riders. But the rest feel entitled and will not change. They're rude, but were likely raised that way. End of story.

noit a dirty turnip said...

Sounds like Vince's mummy didn't hug him enough as a kid.

Anonymous said...

I ride the GO bus for an hour each day - and I just want to relax in my own thoughts, music, whatever. I'm also sick of thoughtless individuals who think nothing of talking obscenely loud, take their shoes off, brush their teeth, eat stinky stinky food, listen to their music - or pick their nose and rub it against the windows (yes somebody did that one morning for the entire ride). Don't get me started on people who seem to think they are entitled to seat for their bag or bags. I've even seen people who think nothing of having 3 seats for their luggage - since when did the GO bus become a uhaul.

Think people - this isn't your house - and if this how you act in public I'd hate to see how you act in your home.

GO Bus Passenger Route 25

Barrie commuter said...

I'm with Passenger Route 25

A person's public behaviour among strangers is a really good indication of how that person presents his or her self at home and among friends.

To me, it's like these kinds of people have no filter.

To Vince, telling those of us who ask people like you to tone it down to get into our cars is akin to telling an immigrant to go back to where they came from. So since we're on the topic, how about you do us Barrie folks a favor and you drive in everyday where you can talk as loud as you want, belch, eat smelly food and listen to radio at the highest volume all you want.

I won't miss you.

GO Bus Passenger Route 25 said...

I'm with Barrie Commuter - do us all favor and drive yourself so you can do all of your disgusting habits, while talking loudly and you can drive barefoot while putting all your crap over the backseat!

We all won't miss you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Vince - is there a by-law that specifically says I can't kick you in the groin when I'm on the GO Train?

Probably not.

But I wouldn't do that - not because I don't want to - but because it's COMMON COURTESY. Sort of like not putting your feet on the seat.

Thankfully I don't ride the Barrie line, if it's filled with idiots like you...

Nancy said...

I'm surprised a certain someone did bring their 2 cents on here.

Anonymous said...

It is seriously not a big deal to eat a cinnabon, no matter what time of day it is. What kind of a crazy world are we living in where we complain about the smell of sugary pastries without mentioning massive B.O. due to lack of deodorant??

Cindy Smith, Editor, Education for the Driving Masses said...

The aroma of delicious food can be as hard to handle as dealing with bad smells.

Anonymous said...

I agree with some of your points, but not others. I agree that feet should stay off the seats. Also, you shouldn't have your bags taking up other seats during busy times. However, although I DO only carry one bag most of the time, I don't think people should have to. If I need to have a laptop bag on the floor between my feet and my purse/bag on my lap, I should be allowed to without being considered rude. If I want to eat a Cinnabon at dinnertime, I should be allowed to (unless you are the type to get the food everywhere when you eat). Sorry if you're hungry, but I shouldn't have to plan my snacks around your hunger/lack of food.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...While venting here and in the shout outs may feel good, what is really needed is for people to deal directly with the issue. Rather than post it anonymously (as I am doing here for dramatic irony), quietly let the person know that what they are doing/emitting is bothering you and why, rather than waiting to get home or to the office to post a nasty comment that very likely will miss its mark ;)

Anonymous said...

hello every 1 and all girls when i come on the train to work and home i see you very nice girls i want to come and start a conversation you girls give nice smiles but i don't know if i should start a conversation or not are you friendly or not, how u can we tell if your interested in us

mumzthewurd said...

Vince Vince Vince. You're exactly right! We need to RELAX. Unfortunately, having to listen to the "loud talker" on his/her phone, rowdy passengers or the residue of someone else's music is not conducive to relaxing.
There is an ever increasing lack of civility of public transit in general and Go in particular. Why can't you can have fun with your seat mates without disturbing the peace and quiet of everyone else on the bus or train. All we are asking for is a little consideration. I read a newspaper article yesterday that said people will change cars or even choose to ride at a different time to avoid the "Go Club" types. Proof that those rude, rowdy passengers are having a negative impact on many others yet they are oblivious to it and so is Go Transit. Passengers have asked for years for a "quiet train". It is time we start to DEMAND our right to ride in comfort.

Anonymous said...

To the guy playing his guitar on the 447 LSW yesterday. It was not appreciated and if there were seats to move to I am sure the people around you would have moved. I am not saying your bad at it.. it was just not the time and place.

Jen said...

Unfortunately people like Vince are the reason why petty by-laws and rules end up getting created in the first place. People with an utter lack of common sense and courtesy are the bane of any public space. Lucky for him, he can point out the fact that certain by-laws and riles don't exist (at the moment) and somehow that makes it OK for people to do whatever they want. Where does Vince draw the line? Make-up application? Eating a fish & chips dinner?? Dirty toe nail cutting???

Anonymous said...

Hey Vince, I think I ride on the same coach as you. Everything we need to know we learned in kindergarden.... 'nuff said? If it's a party you want, get off at Rutherford and go to the local bar.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting seriously annoyed by the people who are perfectly healthy and don't need any special assistance but sit in the accessibility coach EVERYDAY and chat so loudly like they own this place. How come we don't have the "quiet zone" rule for accessibility coach?