Monday, April 19, 2010

The end of crazy

You know those old Bell commercials where the guy is surfing and he gets that message, "You have reached the end of the internet"? Well, I've reached the end of crazy.

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING can top what I just saw.

This woman just changed her kid's dirty poopy diaper on the seat opposite of me while I'm waiting for the 5:10 train to fill with people. Right on the seat. On the train. No towel. No sanitary measures taken.

And before you bark, I'm a mom and I've had to change a few dirty diapers in my time and I am aware there is no change table in the bathrooms of the GO train, but changing my kid's diaper on a public train is something I would never do.

What about you? Is it wrong of me to feel grossed out? There are other trains and there are change tables in the washrooms inside Union Station. She had options.



Anonymous said...

you probably find breastfeeding offensive.

Cindy Smith, Editor, Education for the Driving Masses said...

Comparing breast milk to poop is a stretch. Thanks for coming out.

Angela said...

I think that almost beats the time i saw a mother changing her kid's poopy diaper on a picnic table at the Zoo. Yeah, no towel, no sanitary pad - just the bare picnic table.

PS: love your blog

C.J. Smith said...

About as great a story, Angela, as this blogger who I follow who changed her kid's diaper on a table at a Tim Horton's.

In situations like that, I always took my kid to the car. Yep, it was awkward to do the deed in the backseat but there are places where it just isn't sanitary.

Angela said...

I meant to add to my previous note that the reason I like your blog so much is that I rode the bus here for years and had many good (bad) bus stories. Yours remind me what I am missing (not!). :)

RonNasty said...

The washroom on the "ability" car is large enough to accommodate wee ones, so there is no excuse.

macnic said...

If her kid just crapped she had no options. If she had to be somewhere, she had no options. Also, the ability bathrooms would force you to change the kid on the floor.

I can't believe she wouldn't have a change pad though.