Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A whole new level of awesomeness

I tell you, this blog is a gift that just keeps on giving. Why? Because readers like you send in photos like this.

This lounge turnip was snapped by a Crazy Train reader Wednesday morning.

I guess he figured it was more sanitary if he simply took his shoes off and rested his rank feet on the seat. Oh, and God forbid his bag touch the floor. Not only is he rolling in his private living room, he's guilty of "bag riding".

This turnip figured he could justify it all by disappearing inside his Tilley hat. If he can't see anyone, they won't notice him airing his foot beauty for all to see and smell.

Here's a closeup:

Breathtaking, I know.


Anonymous said...

Some people just bring a whole new level of nasty.

Unknown said...

scary feet