Monday, April 26, 2010


This morning I did something I've never done before.
I wore jewelery to work. And not just any jewelery, but bracelets -three bangle-style bracelets.

On the train, I have a bad habit of playing with my hair. I like to twirl locks around a finger as I watch the landscape go by.

Apparently, since I had tuned it out, the jangle of my bracelets was driving the lady behind me to desperately search for a flask of vodka, or possibly a baseball bat.

Instead of turning around and politely asking me to refrain from moving my hand, she pounded the back of my headrest which scared the shit out of me and of course, I had to ask if everything was okay.

She replied that my bracelets were too loud and starting to get on her nerves.

Wow. Eh? Just wow.


Anonymous said...

Lord. I would have smacked her headrest back. What ever happened to politely tapping someone on the shoulder?

Who are these people?!!!

sue calhoun said...

Give me a break. You don't see the humour? This is EXACTLY the type of annoying thing you would blog about. Some idiot on the train jangling their bracelets
the whole way to union, disrupting your precious time. Funny that when the situation is reversed, you manage to downplay your role. You should try being as tolerant and forgiving with others as you are with yourself.


Julie King, Moderator/Advisor, Education for the Driving Masses said...

Violently (or aggressively) slamming the back of a headrest is not how I would have handled it at all nor do I think would Cindy (who happens to be my best friend so excuse the bias but she's really not the type of person to slap someone's chair).

She rarely speaks up or directly to a person who may be annoying choosing to instead blog about it (which is why many of us suggest she start this blog) but when she does, she's not aggressive.

What this lady did WAS aggressive. I've had people politely tap me over many things such as talking too loud in church. They didn't throw a Bible at me.

I don't think I could be tolerant about how this woman behaved. But as far as I know, Cindy told her she was sorry and left it at that.

Maybe you think it's acceptable to handle an annoyance in this manner but I don't. Nor would I do this to someone else.

I have moved parts of my body deliberately to give people hints that their invading my leg or arm room as I'm sure so have many other GO riders.

And I did find this post funny. Everyone at my office did, too, because it was so absurd.

And why wouldn't Cindy show she also can be of an annoyance to others? She's not perfect, yet you saw it as an opportunity to be condescending. What does that say about you?

Let me guess, you're a bag rider?

C.J. Smith said...

Well Sue, I can't win 'em all.
Thanks for writing.

Nancy said...

Sue. Really? For every blog there's always one troll.

RonNasty said...

You must have sounded like Tracy from the Partridge Family.

Sue said...

Sorry, apparently I didn't articulate very well. I don't think it's okay for somebody to bang a headrest when somebody is being annoying. I was trying to make the point that people who are not intentionally rude or nasty don't deserve to be bullied and ridiculed online. You know-the people who apply chapstick, don't shave their legs, and absently-minded jangle their braclets. They are the people you could cut some slack on-not people that are intentionally rude.

My obviously can relate to doing something that may be bothersome to others. You've done it yourself. I felt so bad for the man that you made fun of because he was applying chapstick. Why would you publicly ridicule some guy that maybe has been through a bad time and has some anxiety? Maybe the lady that didn't shave her legs has different values than you. Is she really bothering you? Can't you choose your battles and leave other people alone? People on the train-minding their own business-and there you are ridiculing them on a public blog.
That was my point. Sorry if I implied that I agree with headrest attacks.

C.J. Smith said...

Hi Sue

Oh my god. The Chapstick dude? I love him. No really, I love watching him apply his Chapstick and make it a point to watch out for him. In fact, that was not an attempt to poke fun. I was quite serious.

However, as a comedian, I look for things I find funny and sometimes, it will be at someone else's expense. If you're not a fan of stand-up, then I can see why you find my blog offensive.

I'm not here to harm anyone and am the first to poke fun at myself (such as my girth - keep reading) but I haven't been a great source of material lately, but it will happen.

I once blew my gum out on someone in attempt to blow a bubble and all absent-mindlessly as well. I haven't chewed gum on a train since. And if that person had blogged about me, I would have totally laughed.

Thanks for clearing things up.

Cindy said...'s not like she's naming names either. If it hits a little too close to home - that's really too bad for you. I love this style of comedy -- hence why I read this blog. If you don't like it -- there's 50 million other blogs out there made just for you. Unbookmark this one and move on!!

Cindy: Sometimes these stories make me miss my GO Train days...

C.J. Smith said...

Aw shucks.

I'm totally cool with people who may disagree with some of my attempts at humor or satire. It's all part of my conversion therapy.

Sue confused me with a bully. Playground confusion, as I call it, is a rampant epidemic on the internet.

I don't want Sue to pick up her ball and go home. I want her to toss it at me. And toss it at me. And ... wait ... what? Sorry that was the vodka talking.

I've totally lost myself.