Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Abandon hope all ye who enter this latrine

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Story submitted by Lady in Pink
Artwork by Yours Truly; image source

Woman gets on the 4:40 Barrie north train and stands by the bathroom door (one of the big bathrooms) and grunts a little when someone wants by to get into the bathroom... so this lady goes into the bathroom and shuts the door and angry lady (CJ says: Who I have now nicknamed "Bathroom Troll") with a pissed off face proceeds to lean on the bathroom door intently reading her book called "Not My Daughter"... Eventually the lady who was in the washroom wants to get out and pulls the door open and the (Bathroom Troll) nearly falls in seeing as she was leaning on the door...

She grunts loudly and steps aside so the lady can get out.

Seeing as the Barrie train is like a sardine can and no one can move, (Bathroom Troll) goes right back to leaning on the bathroom door.

A couple minutes later, (Bathroom Troll) moves to the middle of the train where it's standing room only and continues to scowl and read her book. She's mumbling under her breath about something and 30 minutes later, she is still looking quite angry.

I think she needs a vacation.

If thoughts could start a fire, the poor lady who had to use the bathroom would have spontaneously combusted!

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Anonymous said...

Actually that troll graphic could also be used in your previous post about people leaving their seats to pee and expecting them to be saved upon their return