Thursday, March 31, 2011

Priority. Best be recognizing.

Hey, guess what?

I'm one of those assholes, too, that schleps their way up to the opposite platform when it's well past rush hour, where I'll board using the doors designated for people exiting the train, but tonight, I made nice (because I was told that when people do this, it irritates people waiting on the correct platform) and went up to Track 5 and boarded using the doors designated.

But here's the thing, I don't owe you donkeys boarding on the departure side, priority seating, nor should I have to stand and wait to make my way to the aisle while you and your GF heave several large suitcases onto the train. So when I sighed and made hand motions for you jackasses to wait til everyone had boarded, it's not my fault you had to panic and hustle your load because the CSA was trying to close the doors on Track 6.

It's not my fault you decided, after taking the elevator (luggage doesn't make you disabled by the way), that the accessibility car just wouldn't do so you shunted your crap all the way down to the first car. Why? So you can be first off the train? No matter what the plan is, you're still hauling ass no matter where you go.

Anytime you break the rules there are consequences. So those playing by the rules don't owe you a lick of favour. I also don't need to watch you strut your peacock feathers from your seat where you're posturing like a douche after you tried to tell me off for sighing at you, only for me to put you in your place.

Dude, please, don't blow smoke out of your ass at me. When you're in the wrong, you're not in the position to whine.

Like I said, I'm guilty of boarding on the departure side but I don't act like I'm entitled to it.

I've also learned this is a practice that bothers a rather large audience of people and I can see why.

- Signed your former platform departure boarding donkey

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Jen said...

Hear! Hear!
Glad you changed your ways. I feel those on the other side who get on the train first aren't deserving of seats because they didn't stand where they're supposed and it's not fair to us who boarded where we should.

Anonymous said...

OM ??? MY ??? GOD!!!!

Finally! Someone who tells it like it is! of course I hate you for being one of them but now you get it!!!! Stop doing it!!!! Get on the train with the rest of us working turnips. You're NOT SPECIAL.

Praise Jesus.

Wannabe CSA said...

Just once I would love for the train to pull in and have the CSA only open the disability doors on the opposite platform. Then after we all board from the proper platform, we'd all wave a middle finger to all the exit platform donkeys left behind.

Al said...

Im dying to see the day they change tracks from where the train normally boards and those donkeys have to go down the stairs and to the next platform because they cant just cross the tracks since a train is in the way.

I will then be a door blocking donkey to further delay thier boarding,

Anonymous said...

As a new rider I dont even know what the departure side is...

Chris said...

The departure side is the side that is not the platform shown as the one you are to go to board the train.

So if the leaderboard says Track 5. That's all you need to know. But there are people who then go to Track 6 so they can get on where people are getting off.

Does that make sense?