Monday, March 28, 2011

When you say 'bag', what exactly are you referring to (oh you'll get the visual soon)...

Nauseatingly penned by LC in email

Hi CJ!
My train ride was one for the books this morning, so I had to share. 
The 706 express out of Pickering is always busy, and today was no exception.  As the Pickering riders and myself squeezed into the limited standing room only, I took position near the courtesy seating, only to notice a couple sleeping away.  Sadly, they only slept for about 5 minutes before she started nuzzling him, giving "bunny kisses", nibbling on his ear, rubbing his (I'm assuming) stomach behind his bag, and eventually leading to some kissing with tongue.  This proceeded off and on the entire trip to Union.  If I wasn't already feeling nauseous from being 6 months pregnant and standing on the train, I definitely felt ill from watching them.  A peck or two on the train is more than acceptable, but PLEASE.. save it for the corridor club or your bedroom.  

And at the very least, save the courtesy seating for someone who needs it!
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Anonymous said...

Six months pregnant and standing??!! I would have asked the guy to give up his seat for me. Then laughed and pointed when he reveals his pitched tent.