Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Don't make fun of drunk people. They sue (or so they threaten)

Especially those who pass out in the aisles on GO trains.

Like this guy (click here).

Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2011 12:27:36 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Me

I sent you a text message sometiume ago asking for u to taje my pic off your wbeiste and I see it's STILL THERE!!!!! i never gave u permission to use my face or make fun of me ../.. I don't EVEN LIKE ROLLERCOASTERS. YOU ASSHOLE!!! i'm seeking leagl action for this f*ckery. u have 24 hours to take it down or at least cover my face with a red circle!


Okay, so you don't like rollercoasters. How about a carousel?

Can you send me a full photo of yourself? I need your legs.


Anonymous said...

give me a break. i can barely make out this dude's face. there's no way i could pick him out from a crowd. sue for what?

Anonymous said...

Very specific colour for the circle. Would he still sue if you use a yellow circle?

Ali said...

you're so funny!

KP said...

i don't see hw this in funny! i can totally tell taht's me in the photo!!!!!! which is why it neecs to come off. NOW!!!!

C.J. Smith said...

Right. Only YOU can tell it's YOU. The rest of us couldn't pick you out from a police line-up. There's nothing distinguishable about the photo. It's blurry. You're wearing a hoody. I can't tell your eye colour, how tall you are or what colour your hair is.

I suggest you enroll in English classes where you can learn how to spell and use proper grammar. M'kay? You give me a headache every time you write.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many people wearing grey hoodies ride the GO train...its not like it's a graphic scandalous sex tape the media is circulating or anything; it's just some guy passed out drunk on the train.

Jamie said...

I can totally tell it's KP!


What a tool!

Anonymous said...


You were in a public place,
CJ does not need your permission to take yopur photo in a public place, If in public places you cant take a photo of whatever or whomever you like, no matter what they are doing, without thier prior consent.
If you had passed out in your living room in that pose and she snapped that then there might be an issue but otherwise your fair game. Had you remained vertical that day you would not have been photographed at all.

KP said...

Your'all a bunch of asshiles. rot in hell losers. Dont tell me what I need to do CJ. My english is fine.

Jamie said...

*You're or You are
* all

Yes your english rocks! Douche

FRED said...

What I enjoy most about KP is that in his initial text message he claimed he was "sleeping".
Dude, you were passed out on a public commuter train - on the floor! A clear fire hazard! Plus, isn't public drunkeness a fine?!

e said...

Hey KP... instead of pointing fingers at CJ, maybe you should take a long hard look at yourself. Being drunk is one thing, but passed out on the floor on a GO train is ridiculous.
Maybe the next time you think of having a few drinks with your pals, stop at the 3rd drink so you're not passing out and getting pissed off with someone who's not responsible for your own actions.
And talking about legal action... maybe CJ can take action against you for your harassment.
OWN IT KP... you did it... now do something about this so it never happens again... e

Anonymous said...

Wait.. maybe I do recognize this guy. If it's the same one, he made a drunken ass of himself on a Go bus heading to Union Station, one Friday eve.

Mel. said...

Holy crap! This was the funniest thing I read on the Interweb all dang day! That's for the giggles.

Anonymous said...

I'm seriously laughing my ass off over this, KP is hilariously stupid and obviously having regret over having his stupidity caught on film. Dude, retreat into your cave and crack another beer.